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I have a HUGE pet peeve when it comes to my kids.

Ok so actually, when it comes to my son. It’s not a normal boy pet peeve like peeing on the toilet seat or the likes.

My pet peeve is having him roll his eyes at me.

Seriously, I can from 0 to Mean Mommy in about 3.2 seconds when I see him roll his eyes after I’ve told him he can’t do something that he wants to do. It takes every ounce of self restraint not to tackle him.

I’ve done everything I can think of to get him to quit this terrible trait, but nothing seems to work. So I come to you, my readers.

How can I break my son of rolling his eyes?!?


  1. LOL This used to drive my Mom crazy too! XD In all honesty, everything she did would make me want to do it more. The only thing that worked was a good o’l pop to the side of the head – although I don’t know how many would be cool with that idea now-a-days. 😛
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  2. I’m a chronic eyeroller myself. I don’t even know I’m doing it, most of the time; I think I’m only mentally rolling my eyes but my husband calls me out on it. The best way to break a person of it is probably to photograph it. It’s sooooo unattractive.
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    • Robin that’s a great idea.. although he is only 5 so I don’t know if the whole unattractive thing will do it for him but at this point I’ll try anything!

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