It’s Music not Cotton for me..

Did that title confuse you?

Well, while the commercial may be “Cotton, the fabric of my life” for me it’s music that are the threads that keep my sanity together. Especially, after a weekend like this one where it’s just me and the kids with no school to break up the endless fighting.

Anyway, while I was tackling a mountain of laundry, I had my ipod playing. I actually have playlists for various activities like chores, workout, and yes even laundry. Because if ever there is a time to need motivation, it’s while doing laundry.

One of the songs that kind of takes me away from it all while I’m folding the endless amount of clothes my kids seem to go through in a week is “All Those Pretty Lights” by Andrew Belle from the Pretty Little Liars Soundtrack. It’s such a romantic song that it makes my mind drift off to the days when my hubs and I were dating and we could look at each other in the eyes without being interrupted by hearing, “He touched the dog’s butt again!!!!!”

I think that is the key for any TV show or movie when picking our a soundtrack. You want it to be able to transport the viewer into the scene or have them be able relate their own experiences with what is happening on the screen.

“Your Love” by Fay Wolf is another of those songs and it’s exclusively available on the soundtrack of Pretty Little Liars. Check it out.

So, what are you waiting for? Add to you life soundtrack, visit iTunes to preview songs and pick up a copy of the album here: Don’t forget to check out Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family Mondays 8/7c.

*Disclosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote the Pretty Little Liars Soundtrack.. Thoughts are my own.*

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