She’s a Barbie Girl… #couchcritics #gluenglitter

My daughter is a girly girl.

Honestly, I don’t know how it happened. I wasn’t like that when I was growing. Give me a some dirt and a toy car and I was in heaven. Seriously, I could play for hours. My little girl on the other hand, give her some nail polish, pretend make up, and a Barbie and she is in 7th heaven. (I was that kid that would pulls the legs and arms off my sister’s Barbies. Mainly, because it drove my sister nuts. 🙂 ) Luckily, now that I’m older I’ve grown a bit more girly.

It was really no surprise when we started seeing commercials for the new Barbie movie “A Fairy Secret,” my daughter got really excited and wanted to see it.

As luck would have it this week, with her older brother scheduled to be gone on a play date after school, my girl and I decided to have some girly fun.

barbie fairy secretWe headed to Walmart and picked up the movie. I have to say that it was a pretty good deal. The movie was $15 but it also came with a pair of fairy wings. Did I mention my daughter is a girly girl?

We also picked up some supplies to do a craft after the movie. You can check it out in the Whrrl at the end of the post.

First thing we did once we got home was crack open the box and pull out those fairy wings! Next we made some popcorn and settled in to watch the movie, just us goils. 🙂

I don’t want to give too much away about the movie, I just don’t have it in me to ruin it, but here is a quick synopsis.

Ken gets taken by a group of fairies. While Barbie tries to figure out a plan to get him back, she learns that her two friends are in fact fairies as well and that Ken has been taken to a secret fairy world. Barbie takes off with her friends, and rival Raquelle, to get Ken and bring him back. Their journey is action packed and ultimately they learn that in order to accomplish their goal they must stick together! They also learn that the real magic comes from their friendship.

I have to a admit that even though I’m not a Barbie girl, I really enjoyed the movie. I think that it was really just watching how much my daughter enjoyed it. To hear her big belly laugh and to see her get all serious when an obstacle got in the way of Barbie mission was priceless. Cuddling with her on the couch and having her turn to me to explain a part of the movie because she was worried that I missed something.

And to me, it doesn’t matter what the movie is, these are the moments I will always cherish.

After the movie we got all our stuff together for our craft. I was just bummed that our store didn’t have the foam board we needed to make our paper dolls but with some creative thinking we were able to still have a blast! Check it out:

More check-ins at Walmart #1843
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*Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. The fun and memories we made are forever our own.*


  1. Love cuddling on the couch with my girlie girl. Abby still has a good balance of girlie and boyee (??) in her, but that’s because her daycare/preschool is nine kids, eight boys and her! She does everything they do, but with a crown! 🙂

    I am putting off Barbie as long as I can. Don’t know why, since we have let in so many of the other over-girlie stuff already…
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  2. You’re so right…it’s THOSE moments that you’ll keep FOREVER.
    Zippy Sandler´s last blog post ..A springtime picnic

  3. Kelly from Kelly's Lucky You says:

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  4. loved the craft!
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  6. How fun! This looks like a movie my girls would love. Good thing we have fairy wings already though since I have 3 girls. lol I love watching their faces while they’re watching a favorite show or movie too… so cute to see their expressions. Mother-daughter bonding is so much fun. 🙂
    Susie B. Homemaker´s last blog post ..Interactive Kids Poems ABC

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