My Creepy Bug Story #RaidBugStory

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The only type of spiders I can handle. (I was going to use a picture of a real spider but got too creeped out looking at them.)

My hate relationship with spiders began very early on.

Now I grew up in the country so we had all kinds of bugs to gross us out, but there was just something creepy about the things that shot webs from their butt and ate flies.

When I was about 12 years old a particular movie showcasing these eight legged creatures came out. A little film called Arachnophobia.
Now, I don’t know what exactly my parents were thinking but they let me stay up late to watch the movie when it came out on VHS, (yes, VHS!) Come to think of it, my parents probably let me watch way too many movies that I should have.

Anyway, I made it through the movie only freaking myself out once when my pants brushed my leg and I starting smacking myself thinking there was a spider on me.

I went to bed that night and the last thought that went through my head before falling asleep was, “Please don’t let me wake up and find a spider in my room.”

I woke up early the next morning and as I my eyes fluttered open the first thing I saw was a spider on my ceiling directly over me. I was instantly frozen. The only coherent thought I had was praying that the thing didn’t fall.
No sooner did that thought finish that I saw the spider getting closer and closer as it dive bombed me.

Quite honestly I don’t think I have every moved that fast in my life!

I was screaming and running, basically in a circle just outside my bedroom. My mom came running out of her room I’m sure thinking someone was dead. When I told her that the spider fell from the ceiling and is now on my pillow my brave little 4’11” mom walked right into my room, took off her slipper, and killed the spider where it laid. Which again was on my pillow.

I never used that pillow again.

To this day when a spider is spotted in our household it is my husbands responsibility to take care of it. My dad, bless him, knows how much I don’t like them so he comes and sprays the outside of our house in the hopes it will keep them out. 🙂

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  1. RobMonroe says:

    But… but… but… spiders are important! They get rid of other creepy-crawlies! I agree that it’s nicer when they do that outside rather than in, but still important work!

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