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Have you seen that movie?

The Hubs and I love it, possibly because it reminds us so much of ourselves.

Although our relationship didn’t start anonymously or as enemies for that matter, the foundation was all built on email. We met where I worked and we got to know each other through emails we would send early in the morning to each other. See, I worked the graveyard shift and would get home at 6am; the Hubs would get to work around 7am and I would wait up until he got there just so we could chat via email. Our relationship blossomed during those emails, where we could really open up to one another.

As our relationship progressed we ultimately hit some rough spots. What saved us? Our daily emails to each other. If you are like me then writing about your feelings is so much easier than speaking them sometimes and when I would get upset about something or vice versa it was through typing and sending that the fissures would be sealed up and patched.

I recently just stumbled upon a stash of printed out emails that my hubs has kept from those early years, and nothing is more fun that going through them and seeing how far we have come.

Now that it’s 10 years later my mornings aren’t spent emailing my hubs as much as PR companies and brands or even chasing around the kids, but we do still stay connected.

When we want to send a quick note of encouragement, a few words saying “I’m thinking of you”, or even an “I’m sorry,” email is our connection of choice.

Why? Well, all you have to do is check out the folder on my computer titled “Lovemail” and you’ll get the drift. 😉

This video is great because it really shows the power of words. And with the new Yahoo! Mail you can also include a slideshow of pictures which we’ve all been told speak a thousand words.


  1. Awesome! That’s how I got to know my now hubs as well! We would exchange emails all day long…and sparks were flying! 🙂 Hurray for #emaillove!

  2. About a month after Anny and I started dating she moved to Tennessee and email was one of the relationship-building and communication-opening things in our life. It was much cheaper than the cell phone bills we racked up for four months, too!
    RobMonroe´s last blog post ..Mothers Day 2011

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