How to Keep a Boy (According to a 4 year old)

Last weekend after working a particularly early shift and then spending a full day with the family, I was exhausted!

I helped give the kids a shower and then laid down in bed to veg out. My kids continue to play in their rooms.

Girl: Can I come in your room?
Boy: What’s the secret word?
Girl: Mr. Squigglepants.
Boy: You can come in, but you can only stay in here for 10 seconds.
10 seconds elapse, Girl leave Boy’s room and heads to her own.
Boy: Can I come in your room?
Girl: Sure! What’s the secret word?
Boy: Mr. Squigglepants
Girl: That’s it, come on in. But you can only stay for 10 years.

So, that’s my 4 year old’s suggestion on how to keep a boy. 🙂


  1. RobMonroe says:

    Well, that’s not too far off! I’m pretty sure I was simply told where to stand and for how long, more than once! 🙂

  2. Hahahaha. That is really cute-and eerily true to life… (at least for me)
    Debbie´s last blog post ..Monday Mingle 5-02-11

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