Learning with Lights and Sirens

You know. It’s sometimes our most embarrassing moments that create the biggest learning experiences.

Recently, the kids and I had gone to the park on a rare sunny Spring day.

I left through our normal exit which only allows you to turn left because the exit is sort of on a corner.

Call it a sun induced brain fart if you will but as I sat there stopped, waiting to pull out I looked to the right and saw a police car parked on the side of the road. I quickly looked at the odds and again, sun induced brain fart, I decided that surely there couldn’t be an officer in that patrol car so I made an illegal right hand turn because it meant I wouldn’t have to go around the block just to head home.

police lightsAs the stench of my brain fart got stronger and I got closer to the patrol car, I realized that yes in fact there was an officer inside, and as I drove by him he immediately turned around and flipped on his lights and siren.

My kids immediately turned around and told me there was a police car behind us and asked if it was their Uncle. (Yes, their uncle is a local police sergeant.) I explained to my kids that we were being pulled over and why. The fact that I had broken the rules seemed astonishing to them, or perhaps it was the fact that I, as an adult, had rules in the first place.

Long story short, I didn’t get a ticket, but I did get quite a lecture. (In the state of Oregon it would have been a $300 ticket!)

As the officer pulled away I received another lecture. From my kids!

They told me that if I couldn’t follow the rules then maybe I should take a time out from driving. I also heard that Daddy would have been very mad if I would have gotten a ticket, and a couple other key points.

Upon pulling into the driveway at home my son says, “Mommy, I hope you learned your lesson.”

And boy did I ever! Don’t get pulled over with your kids in the car!


  1. MAN, I HATE kid lectures. And they’re so good at it. Mind you, it sure is funny when my child tattles the other way.
    Like when Nathan was putting her to bed one day, and there were crumbs in her bed from watching a movie and munching on something. Daddy set a very strict, ‘No food in bed” rule.
    So I was sure laughing when I came home from work one day and the first thing abby said was, “DADDY BROKE HIS OWN RULE!!! He gave me a sandwich in my bed.”

  2. This is supremely funny and awesome – mostly becuse you got out of the ticket, though. My faux-nephew was just learning to talk he told his mom that “dad drove through a red light” – and it turned out not to be false! Crazy kids… sort of…
    RobMonroe┬┤s last blog post ..Mothers Day 2011

  3. The honesty of our kiddos! ­čÖé LOL!
    Tammy┬┤s last blog post ..Thursdays Friends Cafe Blog Hop

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