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Becoming pregnant with my son was a big deal.

We had tried for several years and finally those 2 lines on that little stick showed up and we were in for the ride of our lives.

Our family and friends were excited about the big day and as it grew closer our anxiety mounted. It’s amazing how you have all that anxiety for nothing. My mom and sister were there to share the big event with us and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

It was late at night, but I knew my friends at work would be eager to hear the news. We tried to come up with a fun way to tell them other than just the normal phone call. Thankfully, working at the 9-1-1 dispatch center you develop a relationship with some of the hospital personnel. Not to mention that our nurse was amazing.

So, when we were taking his footprints we went ahead and put his footprints on a spare piece of paper as well. Our nurse scanned in the paper and then emailed it to both of my co-workers along with all the stats.

We got so many messages about how neat it was to open up the email and see his little feet. We still have the paper too!

What was the best thing you even sent through email?

I am thankful this was never a conversation I had to have about either of my kids! 🙂


  1. We actually sent an email announcement for Cameron when he was born (8 1/2 years ago..) as well as after we got married (2 weeks before C was born)…. Some people loved it, others were offended by it… Guess I was ahead of my time in the social media email thing….
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  2. That’s really cute! I don’t remember what we did – and it was only 4 years ago… tomorrow!
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  3. Trisha says:


    I am not sure when I started following your blog, but today I finally got to sit down and read the blogs of those I follow and I am so blown away because your daughter and my daughter were in the same class! Mrs. Bennetts 3 year olds Tuesday/Thursday AM Class. What a small world!

    I had the pleasure of sitting with the class on Tuesday during Preschool graduation and I have to say that you have the most adorable little girl. She climb right up on my lap like she has known me all her life and sat there watching the graduation. :o)

    I am sorry now that I was so lax about reading my blog, I am sure we have probably stood next to one another waiting to pick up our daughters. And we could have met each other. :o)

    Have a great summer!


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