You had me at CHEESE! #SafewayDairy

It’s always National Dairy Month in my house.

The amount of milk, cheese, and yogurt we go through is pretty much ridiculous. But then with 2 growing kids in the house, (one of which is a boy,) it doesn’t surprise me much.

My kids are also at that age where they tend to be a bit picky about what they eat. They know what they like and deterring from the norm usually causes a bit of a tug a way. One that I MUST always win. 🙂

I’m always looking for new ways that incorporate the ingredients they love, like cheese and chicken. I’m so thankful that grocery stores like Safeway are making it easier for me to search for recipes directly on their sites.
Safeway even has a Healthy Living section with recipes and what do you know, after checking it out I found a recipe that included cheese and chicken.

recipeBaked Taco Chicken! Yum!

I love the fact that the ingredients were all organic too. I’ll admit that we as a family don’t eat a lot of organic foods because monetarily we can’t afford it, but Safeway is our favorite local store to shop when we do.

I try to hit the store first thing in the morning, and God bless America, during this trip I even got to go all by myself. That’s right folks no kids, just my coffee, my list, and me. Talk about heaven!


There were few people in the store at 8am, which is perfect. It means I can leisurely walk the aisles and not worry about being in the way of anyone.

I made short work of my shopping list. I actually only needed to pick up 3 of the items the recipe called for because the rest I had at home.

shopping cart

I did end up grabbing some Pirate’s Booty as I walked by. My kids just love it and it’s a special treat for them.

Anyway, that night was the perfect night to try out the new recipe. We had our first t-ball game of the season and this recipe was a quick fix. Plus, it could give my son the get up and go he needed.

After pounding the chicken breasts a bit I then mixed up the fat free mayo and taco seasoning. I can actually seeing using this as regular mayo on a sandwich to spice it up.

mixing bowl

I lathered up the chicken breasts with the taco mayo.


Then topped it with the crushed tortilla chips and the shredded sharp cheese.

chicken and cheese

At 400 degrees our dinner was ready in just 20 minutes!

chicken dinner

I’m happy to report that my kids loved it. They gobbled it right down and my son even asked for seconds. Because I didn’t want him to be too full during his game we ended up cutting up another piece and putting it in a small container. He snacked on it on the way home from his game!

I’ll definitely be making this again and checking for more recipes on

Celebrate National Dairy Month with a new recipe! Sweet or savory, dairy definitely makes the dish.

*Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.*


  1. This recipe sounds so delish and YUMMY! ! ! I’ve put it on the menu for next week!
    Amy´s last blog post ..Our Family is Pretty Chill

  2. Oh my gosh that looks incredible.

  3. Yeah, my belief is that cheese and anything make a meal (same goes for chocolate!). I’m curious – what is Pirate’s Booty?
    Ixy´s last blog post ..Vacation day!

  4. That looks so delicious Tina. I think I need to add it to my meal plan next week and give it a go.
    Tonya Staab´s last blog post ..Wood Crafts For Kids and a giveaway


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