This isn’t from the peanut Gallery! #GalleryDirect

My husband is wicked hard to shop for.

No seriously. He is the epitome of the guy who has everything he needs/wants.

However, recently we painted our living room and since then I just haven’t felt up to decorating it again. Even with all the “hints” my hubs has given me that it is time, I just haven’t had the energy or will.

Did I mention that my hubs birthday is just a few days before Father’s Day? Right, shoot me now.

I brainstormed and was then given the opportunity to become an ambassador for Gallery Direct. I was close to passing on the offer but then realized that this was just the thing I had been looking for. What better gift than to give my hubs the thing he had been asking for. DUH!

gallery direct canvasSo, I logged on and started shopping the large quantity of fabulous canvas art work that is available. My husband and I love black and white photography and agreed that we would like our living room to incorporate a combination of landscape photography and b/w of our own family. I have several pieces already but really wanted a large focal piece to draw the eye to this great big empty wall we have.

I stumbled across this gem and instantly fell in love. I totally get the drama of it. At first I didn’t want to show it to the hubs because I wanted it to be a surprise but figured I better let him know what’s up instead of risking him not liking it.

Thankfully he loved it too!

Now my big plan will be to go through some family photos and have them printed up to go on either side of our art in the same type of frames. I’m thinking that I will also get some of the photo’s printed on canvas from Gallery Direct as well to add more dimension. I really like the looks of the wall collage of art and that’s what I’ll be going for.

gallery direct

The empty wall just waiting for some art love.

If you are in need of some fantabulous art for your home then be sure to check out Gallery Direct. And if you find something your home needs then be sure to use the code: gdfriends and get 50% off your order until July1st!!

Also check out the Gallery Direct Facbook Page and follow them on Twitter for more great promotions and deals!


  1. Stunning photo!

  2. Great choice – that would go well in almost any home! 🙂

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