3 in 3, Lord Help Me!

It’s amazing to me that it was just 3 months ago that I ran my first 5K.

Since that time I’ve fallen off the workout bandwagon but I have kept running. Albeit not every day like I was prior to my first run but thankfully that earlier training has stuck with me and helped me finish my third 5K! I can tell you though that my endurance isn’t as good as it was in March.

I finished the Rum Run in a decent time and I’m happy that a portion of the course was so beautiful that it took my mind off the pain that I was feeling. 🙂

I had checked the elevation of the race prior and I knew that after the first mile it was going to be a pretty good climb, but seriously, that didn’t prepare me. I’m definitely going to need to find a route for training that has a bit more elevation.

Anyway, as we started up the hill there was an older woman running near us. The whole time up she called that hill every name in the book. It totally cracked me up!  knew exactly where she was coming from, I just wan’t saying it. It totally made going up more enjoyable.

You know what else makes a run more enjoyable?

rum run mojitos


rum run results

Official Results

You know I still have to be happy with my time. I’m running under 12 minute miles and I remember back when I first started training I was just trying to get under 13 minutes!

My next 5K is Father’s Day weekend here locally. Oh, and to the part in the title about the whole “Lord help me,” I’ve decided to extend my 5 in 5 to 7 in 7! This means that I will be running a race in Michigan in August and I will finish up with the Warrior Dash in September!

Seriously, prayers are welcome. 😉


  1. Congrats – what to persevere and push yourself. 🙂 I started running a few years ago – it’s an on again/off again love/hate relationship. 🙂
    Amy´s last blog post ..A Reluctant Queen KINDLE Giveaway &amp Facebook Party!

  2. You are rockin’ it girl! 🙂 So proud of you!
    Tammy´s last blog post ..Thursdays Friends Cafe Blog Hop – June 2nd

  3. You are crazy, Ms Tina! I’ve not even signed up for 1 in 1 and here you are extending to sevens?? I am contemplating one, to be honest. It’s in November, so I have given myself lots of time to be talked out of it! 🙂
    RobMonroe´s last blog post ..Photo Tales – Week 5 – Trapped Princess

    • You absolutely HAVE to do it Rob!! I’m not talking you out of it.. I’m going to now start bugging you on twitter every day until you sign up! 🙂

  4. Woot, Woot! Another mother runner! Go all out, girl and plan for a half marathon in the fall!

  5. The Rum Run sounds like a fun event! Congrats on completing 3 5ks and getting ready for a 4th! Way to go!
    Laura´s last blog post ..Dish of the Week- Pibil Pollo

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