Walking with Dino’s at the @OregonZoo

My kids love the Oregon Zoo.

I’m thinking that it’s because they can relate to all the caged animals. 🙂

Regardless of why they like it, I love taking them because it is always an educational outing. We experienced animals being fed, peacocks walking the grounds (they no longer do this), and of course Zoo Lights.

oregon zoo dinosaurThe one thing we hadn’t been to yet was the Dinosaur Exhibit.

Recently, the family and I were invited up to check it out and I’m so glad we did!

This is the third year for the exhibit at the zoo, however it’s the second consecutive year. Each year has focused on a different theme so even if you have been before, your experience this year will be completely different.

Prior to heading into the exhibit I got the chance to talk to Jim Gilbert, who is the guest services manager at the zoo. This is a guy who loves his job! I got so excited about the exhibit just talking to him and seeing how excited he was about it.

Jim clued me in that this year they were really trying to hit on a few key points for the exhibit. First they wanted the visitors to be able to relate each dinosaur with a living animal and they really wanted to talk about conservation.

After walking through the exhibit I think they did just that.

I love that you start out inside the zoo and then the path takes you through a wooded area and the dinosaurs are set amongst it. It’s really as if you are witness them in their own environment.

Because of the vegetation, you also didn’t necessarily know what was going to be around the corner. This just added to the immense fun!

The majority of the dino’s are animatronic. Their heads/bodies swivel, they even make noises. I will say there is something eery about walking past a small Deinonychus (predator) and having him alert his buddy up the hill that your coming.

However, the two biggest impressions made were by the Tyrannosaurus and the Dilophosaurus

oregon zoo dinosaur

Should I be concerned?

oregon zoo dinosaur

Quite possibly!

The other great thing about the dinosaur exhibit are all the opportunities for great photo ops.

oregon zoo dinosaur tyrannosaurus

How many times to you get to take a photo like this?

oregon zoo dinosaur

Yes my kids are between me and the dinosaur.. So?

We, Oregonians, are truly blessed that we have a zoo that strives to provide the community with not only entertaining programs, but also those that are truly educational and open a dialogue among families.

oregon zoo dinosaur

We talked about the ways they were similar.

The Dinosaurs Exhibit at the Oregon Zoo is currently open and will be through September 5th. There is an extra $3.50 charge ($3 for zoo members,) to go through the exhibit but it is well worth it. You can also take advantage of the Park Package which includes zoo admission, train ride, thrill ride, and the dino walk for a discounted price.

*Disclosure: Special thanks to the Oregon Zoo for inviting my family and I to experience the exhibit.*


  1. The dinosaur exhibit just left our zoo and we missed it. 🙁 We called the day after it was over to find out about going, my son was so sad. It looks like tons of fun and a great learning experience for the kids!

  2. I LOVE this!! We go to our local zoo all the time (we’re members) and there is always something new to see, but Dinos? Dinos are AWESOME! I want them to bring the dino awesome-ness to Louisville! Of course we did just get a new polar bear exhibit that is beyond the awesome…and a new polar bear cub from Alaska! Looks like you guys had a great time!

  3. That’s so freaking cool! Our zoo is nice, but never does anything uber fun like this! I might need to come visit you in a year or two to see all of the cool Oregon stuff you get to do!

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