Meeting mini’s with my mini’s

Now that school has been out for a month I’ve been really buckling down and trying to plan fun things for just the kids and I to do, as well as things for us to do as a family.

The second isn’t always as easy because between my part time work schedule and Hubs military work schedule that are times when we don’t even have weekend together.

Thankfully, there are times when everything works out right and we are able to go and enjoy something together. It makes it even greater when it’s because of a contact my hubs has. 🙂

So do you know the difference between a pony and a miniature horse?

viewcrest farm miniature horsesI didn’t either until we were given the opportunity to visit Viewcrest Farm run by Helen & Tim Halderman. In addition to showing their horses, Helen is also a very reputable miniature horse breeder.

Now, I didn’t really know what to expect when we got there. I knew we were going to meet a few horses and hear a little bit about them but I didn’t realize just how amazing of an experience it would be.

We pulled up and were greeted by the welcoming committee of several farm dogs. Tessa was instantly a favorite among the kids. (And I will admit that she was pretty dang cute. She was most definitely the leader of the pack so to speak.)

We entered their HUGE arena and that’s when I learned that there aren’t just a few horses here. There are 20! Yes, that’s 2-0. There are 18 miniature horses and 2 standard.

So back to my original question. The difference between a miniature horse and a pony is a pony is a breed of horse. Miniature horse are just that. Miniature horses. Their features are in direct proportion to a standard horse, they are just simply smaller. And flippin’ adorable! No, I don’t think you understand. These little guys and girls were just waiting for us to come in and marvel at them, and that’s just what we did!

viewcrest farms miniature horses

Newest addition "Sunny"

miniature horses

More Sunny

Sunny was the sweetest thing. At first she was a bit timid and I couldn’t really blame her, I had two wild and crazy kids with me. But by the time we were getting ready to leave she was right by the door of her stall.

I had to say thought that by far my favorite horse at Viewcrest is Romeo. And boy does he live up to his name. Romeo is a lover. Anytime I would focus my attention somewhere else he would come up and nuzzle under my arm to get me to pet him. Then he would rest his head right on my shoulder and take it all in.

By far though the coolest thing was watching as Miss Helen hitched up one of the beauties and took the kids for a ride around the arena.

miniature horses

The Girl

miniature horses

The Boy

Consequently, the hubs even got in on the action and took a few spins around. I will say though that by this time you could tell the horse was getting tired. Every time she would come around the arena where she had started she would start to slow down as if to say “Ok, can I please be done now!” 🙂

miniature horses

The Hubs

We can’t thank Helen and Tim enough for allowing us to visit them. Helen was just a fountain of information and her love and passion for these horses really came through. It’s been a couple weeks and my kids still talk about the horses. (Ok, my son really only talks about Tessa. I’m pretty sure he would have smuggled her home if he could have.)

If you ever have a chance to visit a miniature horse show I would highly recommend it. These horses are gorgeous animals. I suggest checking your local State Fair to see if they have showings. 🙂

You can view some more pictures from our day below.


  1. How cool! Glad you did not smuggle any extra pets home… 🙂

  2. I had some friends that had miniature horses and the kids loved visiting them. My daughter kept begging to take one home. Honestly our large dog is just as big as one. They are cute, aren’t they?

  3. I only just recently learned that a pony isn’t the same as a baby horse!

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