Running the Rails in Michigan – 6 in 6!

running the rails 5k

Waiting for the race to start

You all know about my goal to run a 5K a month through the end of the year.

When my hubs told me that we would be traveling to Michigan the last 2 weeks of August I set out to find a 5K during the beginning of the month. The only problem with this logic was the fact that the first week was BlogHer in San Diego and then the next weekend was a work weekend for the hubs. Plus, I would be spending that time getting everyone packed for our trip.

So I changed the search location and began looking for races that would be around us while gone and wouldn’t you know there just happened to be a race happening during the first weekend we were gone.

I talked to my hubs who offered to run it with me (thank goodness) and then immediately registered us for Running the Rails in Ypsilanti during the Heritage Festival.

running the rails 5k

During the race

We got to Michigan one week ago and I was not prepared for the humidity here. We went for a quick 2 mile run a couple days later and it felt like it was hard to breathe. Honestly though, I can’t blame it all on the humidity. Since summer started I haven’t been running as much as I was when the kids were in school.

We planned to run at least once more before the race last Sunday but vacation plans got in the way.

running the rails 5k

At the finish

On Sunday morning we got up and headed to the start line. The field was relatively small and it was as if God heard my prayers. The weather was overcast and there was a breeze, then it was if Michigan channeled Oregon because it started to drizzle. And that drizzle didn’t let up through the whole race. By the time we were through I was soaking wet but I wasn’t dying. The rain put a damper on the humidity and it was about 72 degrees. It was perfect.

I didn’t do as great as I would have liked. There were 22 women in my age bracket and I came in 17th, I finished in just under 40 minutes and ran 12:52 minute miles. I’m looking forward to hitting the gym again once school starts and seeing how my times do for the rest of the year.

running the rails 5k

The after picture 🙂


  1. Congrats on the run! I think you are my perfect running partner – we are definitely right about the same pace. My next 5K is in September (which will be #4 for the year) and the goal is one a month next year.
    Char´s last blog post ..Sometimes You Have to Step Back to Move Forward

  2. LOVE your idea to run a 5K each month through the end of the year. Your post is inspiring! Humidity makes everything feel different, doesn’t it?!

  3. Love it! 72 and drizzling sounds like perfect weather. And what a doll that your hubs agreed to do it with you. Maybe when I get done with the program my hubs will run with me. He used to be in the Marines and is much more fit than I – he’d be bored to tears running with me now – but maybe in a couple of months….
    Daria´s last blog post ..Want a Laugh? Watch Me Try to Use Heelys!

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