Save Money but Keep The Kids Stylish this BTS Season

Today as I’m desperately trying to get back into the groove from being gone in San Diego for BlogHer, I have a very special guest post. Katja Presnal is a dynamo! She has been an inspiration to me since I began blogging so I am truly honored that she offered to write for all of my readers here. Plus, she has some really great info about a contest that I’m sure we would ALL love to win.

Hi everyone, it’s Katja from Skimbaco! I am so happy to guest post here at Mad Hatter Mom today, I’ve known Tina through blogging for a very long time. I wanted to share a few of my tips during this back to school time, because if you are like me – you want the best for your kids, but don’t have a bottomless pocketbook to buy everything for back to school. I’ve always had this theory in life that you can have anything you want; you just can’t have everything. So whether your kids are just starting school or are already going to middle school (like my oldest this fall!), here are some ideas what to splurge on, and what to save money with. Also – get details how to get a 20% off coupon for shopping at H&M, and how to win $2,000 shopping spree at H&M!


1. Tees
T-shirts are probably the easiest clothing to save money with. Forget about designer tees and expensive mall stores and let your kid to choose more tees. Check out Hanes tees at Target or Walmart for everyday basics, and for fun graphic tees try The Children’s Place and one of my favorite this fall is H&M (pictured!), their tees are under 5 bucks. Extra sweet about H&M – Get 20% off at your local H&M with this online coupon and check out my H&M giveaway and enter to win $2,000 gift card to H&M to shop for clothes for your kid for an entire year!
2. Jeans
H&M jeans for kidsI admit, I love designer jeans, and I have also bought several expensive brand name jeans for my kids only to see that my son’s knees come through the expensive jeans as fast as cheaper ones. I like to get jeans for my kids from T.J.Maxx and they all like Levi’s jeans, but I also buy them jeans from H&M and GAP, and I tend not to pay more than 20-25 bucks for kids jeans, and I try to keep it that way. And when you see jeans on sale; stock up in larger sizes as well. They never go out of style.


1. Splurge on Shoes
Buy your child good walking shoes, like leather loafers for every day use. Sure they are pretty expensive, but your child’s feet are growing and you want them to grow right, and bad shoes can do a lot of damage that can last a lifetime. You can mix it up by buying Converse style sneakers for very inexpensively, but what you do not buy is the fake leather shoes with a little heel for your little girl however trendy they are – they are just not good for her feet. Same goes for sneakers; buy quality.
2. Splurge on Outdoor Clothing
Jackets and coats take a lot more beating than other clothing due to weather and also the constant on and off, and hanging the coat again and again. Buy one size larger if you can to try to get two years out of all outdoor clothing, and buy good quality and better brands. I splurged $150 for a gorgeous Ralph Lauren down jacket for my daughter several years ago; she wore it for two years, her sister another two, her cousin for another two, and after 6 years of use my sister still made a few bucks selling it on a garage sale for yet another user!
H&M kids clothing
What are some of the things you have splurged on and have been worth the money?

Guest post by lifestyle expert Katja Presnal of Skimbaco Lifestyle. Katja is a former children’s boutique owner and owns the Skimbaco brand and blog network. You can also find her writing for and she has been featured in Redbook, NY Times, Glamour and other publications. You can connect with her on Twitter @katjapresnal


  1. RobMonroe says:

    100% agree on the shoes thing – I sold shoes for years and know how great good ones can be and how sketchy bad ones are. That is the one place that I told Anny we will not skimp on.

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