Triangles and Vampires

Vampire Diaries Season 2I’ve talked about the show Vampire Diaries before so now that the 2nd season is being released on DVD I figured it would be the perfect time to talk about it again, right? 🙂

If you caught up on Vampire Diaries when the 1st season came out then you should really get season two for your collection as well.

I’ll admit that the love triangle between Stefan, Elena, and Damon is what kept me coming back week after week to watch the show. However in season 2 that triangle becomes a bit of a square when Elena’s doppelganger, Katherine, (or is it the other way around) decides to stay in town. The dynamic between Katherine, Damon and Elena kept me glued to the TV. For starters I was always sorta hoping that Damon and Elena would get together because I like to root for the underdog, plus Damon is the bad boy and well, who doesn’t love a bad boy. Of course if you’re like me you’ll be going against Katherine because no one ever seems to root for the bad girl. I wonder why that is?

When season 3 starts this Fall I’m really hoping for a triangle to include Elena, Damon and a mysterious third party yet to be introduced. I like Stefan and all but I can only handle the goodie good for so long.

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