A little girl and a goal

st jude trike a thonMy daughter’s preschool class, (the whole school actually,) participated in a Trike-A-Thon last week to raise money for St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital.

When we initially got the paperwork she was so excited because it meant she was going to be able to ride her bike at school. I told her it was also cool because she gets the chance to raise money for sick kids.

st. jude trike a thonThis prompted a huge discussion about who the kids were, why they were sick, and why didn’t their mommy just give them medicine. I explained to her that sometimes kids get so sick that their mommy’s and daddy’s have to take them to the doctor to get help and that sometimes the doctors can’t make them better and they go to heaven. But they try very hard to come up with medicine that helps the kids and that’s what her school was raising money for.

My daughter got very quiet after that. We went about reading the paperwork and I told her she needed to come up with a goal of how much money she hoped to raise. Her reply was “$50.’Cuz with $50 they will be able to make all the kids better..” I did tell her that that wasn’t going to happen but every bit does help.

I quickly sent out an email family and then she got on the phone to call her Grandma and Auntie. I was so proud of her. She did all the talking, (I did have to interpret for them a bit,) she told them she was having a trike-a-thon and asked if they would “give her money to help the sick kids.”

st. jude trike a thonI was so impressed by her that I even reached out to some of my Social Media friends for donations because I really wanted her to exceed her goal.

In the end she raised $110!

When I told her the final number she couldn’t believe it, she told me she was going to ride her bike “so much!” Of course at that point she didn’t know that she would be just riding around in a circle. 🙂

On the morning of her event I dropped her and her bike off at school. She proudly handed her envelope to her teacher and whispered, “I got a lot of money.”

To know that my daughter felt this good about herself because she helped others was a gift in and of itself.

I can’t thank all our family for donating to her and my social media friends Amy Benton Bradley-Hole and Melanie Nelson for helping make it all possible.

st jude trike a thon


  1. That’s SO awesome! Congrats on the great fundraising effort, as well as the bonus learning for your daughter. 🙂
    RobMonroe´s last blog post ..Menu Monday

    • Thanks Rob! It was truly amazing and it’s one of those things that can never truly be conveyed in words. To have a little 4 year old become that compassionate is amazing.

  2. That’s therefore awesome! thanks for shearing,

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