Striiv for #fitness!

StriivWhile at BlogHer earlier this month, I was able to attend a breakfast that was put on by Zebra Partners and the Blogging Angels.

There were several brands and products that were being represented and each of the attendees was paired with a brand that was a good fit for them.

I was paired up with an awesome new fitness product. It was so new that I haven’t been allowed to talk about until now and thank goodness the day has come!

Striiv is this cool little device that provides an important aspect to anyone jumping into the fitness pool, it makes fitness FUN.

This little gadget, that’s about the size of a Matchbox car, is perfect for putting on your keychain, hanging off your belt, or just keeping in your pocket. I do want to say that I am teasing you about it. Striiv isn’t going to be available until the middle of October and will retail for $99. (You can pre-order it not on the Striiv website.)

Now, I don’t know about you, but making workouts fun is something I constantly struggle with when I’m working out. I find myself just going through the motions and then I begin making excuses as to why I don’t need to go workout and it all stems from the workout not being fun or not feeling encouraged. There is also the factor of instant gratification. When working out you don’t see results immediately.

So, now you’re probably wondering what is it about this device that helps with what I wrote above. Although it may just like look your run of the mill pedometer, Striiv is so much more. For starters, it really puts the emphasis on the little choices you make each day to be active.

Striiv ChallengesYou can get the instant gratification I talked about by completing challenges each day. By choosing easy, medium, or hard challenges the Striiv encourages you to do a little more each time you spin. You can really see the progress you are making each time you tick off a challenge. You can also earn Trophies and bonuses when you walk to luck or take the stairs. The Striiv uses TruMotion technology which enables it to tell whether you are walking, running, hiking or even going up the stairs. You can also unlock other challenges that are based on actual distances, like crossing the Golden Gate Bridge or climbing the Eiffel Tower!

Striiv GameRaise your hand if you are addicted to the games on Social Networking sites? Farmville ring any bells? Instead of sitting in front of your computer and clicking tirelessly waiting to level up or get that wagon wheel from a friend, your success in the games on Striiv are based solely on your physical activity. Currently there is only one game called MyLand where the more you move the more you enchanted island grows. (Secretly I’m hoping once this version of Striiv becomes successful, which I know it will be, there will come out with a version tailored to kids which can be linked to a parents device so that the whole family can work together to on the games. Talk about family fitness!) There are plans to add more games in the near future.

Striiv WalkathonThe final thing that, in my opinion, makes the Striiv so darn fun and awesome is this. Have you ever participated in a say, Relay for Life or maybe a March of Dimes walk? Or perhaps you have always wanted to but it was hard to find the time. Striiv makes it easy to give back to your favorite charitable organization. The best part. It’s won’t cost you a dime! Striiv has corporate sponsors that have basically agreed to donate to charities for every step you take. Currently Striiv is working with GlobalGiving which works to donate clean water to children in South America or the polio vaccine to a child in India. Many more organizations will be added in time. What this means is not only will your body begin to feel good with every step you take but you can feel good about every step you take because you are giving back.

Now tell me, aren’t you a little bit excited about Striiv?

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