She’s a Super Star!

Yesterday morning started out like any other.

The kids and I were up at our normal time. Since it was a Wednesday it meant both kids had school, so we all got dressed and headed for the car. We were even a little early which doesn’t happen that often.

The boy gets dropped off first and then it’s off to the girl’s school.

Once she was safely in her classroom I jumped in my car and headed to the gym. My workouts consist mainly of running, but yesterday I decided to try out a couple new classes, Core ‘N More followed by Kickboxing. Because I was in a class and not listing to my headphones, I didn’t take my phone in with me.


When class was over and I was on my way to the car to head home and take a shower, I noticed that I had 2 missed phone calls and 3 missed text messages. I went directly to the missed texts and saw that they were all from the Hubs. The first told me that the girl was having an assembly at 10:30 and that I needed to be there to take pictures. The second just said “Good Morning” and the third had more urgency as the Hubs asked if I had gotten the other texts.

I looked at the clock and it was 10:13a!

I took off at a run to the car, sped home (I will not confirm nor deny that I possibly broke the speed limit, a lot,) grabbed the camera, and made it to the school with 5 minutes to spare. Or so I thought.

Once I got there I was told that the assembly didn’t actually start until 10:45p. SHEESH!

Anyway, I’m so thankful that I didn’t stay late chatting with my girlfriends. This assembly was so special for my daughter that had I missed it I never would have been able to forgive myself.

My lovely daughter was recognized as the Star Student of the Month for her class. She was chosen because she has demonstrated kindness, being a good friend, and being a wonderful helper. What makes this award even more special is the fact that, even though she is in a different school, her teacher this year is the same teacher the boy had when he was in preschool!

So here she is. My Star Student!
star student


  1. That is SUPER AWESOME!! Congrats to her, and based on the criteria, congrats to you. Speaks volumes about you and your hubby’s parenting! Go Everyone! ­čÖé
    RobMonroe┬┤s last blog post ..Abby’s Wishful Thinking

  2. Congratulations to your Super Star! What a cutie, she looks so proud (as she SHOULD be!) Glad you were able to get there in time.
    Stacie┬┤s last blog post ..#Blogmania11 Sponsor Announcement: Himalayan Salt Shop

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