Who played the role..

I’m guilty of not always picking the best people as my role models at times.

I think Jakes from Two and a Half Men falls victim to this also when he chooses to look up to his Uncle Charlie, but then sometimes looking up to the wrong person can be a help. Once you realize that they shouldn’t be on the high pedestal you have put them on you know not to make the same mistake twice.

Through school there was an older girl who I looked up to. Everyone knew who she was and she was always surrounded by people. As a young freshman I thought this was exactly what I wanted my high school experience to be like.

What I didn’t realize is that everyone knew who she was because she made sure they knew her. She was loud, crass, and downright annoying at times. People were always surrounding her because she constantly felt the need to be the center of attention and was doing things that would bring that attention her way.

Looking back now I realize that she probably had such a low self opinion of herself that she felt the need to act and do these things. It took me over a year to realize that this type of attention was not what I wanted my high school career to be comprised of.

Now in all honesty Jake looking up to his Uncle Charlie is good for both of them. Jake learns first hand what not to do in some aspects of life and Charlie is pushed to be a little bit more mature.

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