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One of my favorite aspects about social media networks is the ability to play games with friends.

It’s one of the greatest ways for me to feel like I’m really connecting with my friends who live in various parts of the country. But one thing I’ve always struggled with is incorporating my local friends. I mean, sure I can play the same games with them but it’s kind of strange doing that when we can get together in person and play some of the same games, or better yet just hang out.

The new game Fleck helps my friends and I come together in our own community.

The game is a huge multiplayer world that takes place on a map of the world! What this means is that you can set up shop in your own city along with your friends and work together to do all kinds of things. You can make your city beautiful by planting flowers, trees and other decorations. And everything you add to your city increases your city’s rank compared to other cities in the U.S.

My favorite part of the game is how it emphasizes cooperative play. I mean what better way to grow your friendship than by killing some zombies! 🙂 Not only that but you can visit your favorite restaurants, (you can even buy them and earn money from them each day within the game,) there are even scavenger hunts you and your friends can go on together. Much like other social games, you can send your friends gifts and receive them in return.

Here’s a quick look at my local map.

You can see the data for the maps comes from Google and it even tells you the local weather!

I’m still working on planting my garden and those funny looking plants with the numbers over them, well those are zombie plants. When you dig them up zombies come out and you have to double tap them. (Perhaps I’ve watched too many zombie movies.) The smaller the number the easier it is to kill the zombies, 1 and 2’s you can probably kill yourself but once you get to 3’s and 4’s you really need some help from your friends.

Now don’t get me wrong. This game doesn’t solely have to be played with your local friends, you can play with friends all around the world, but there is just something about playing with my local friends that makes the game that much more fun.

So check out the game and then invite your friends and start your own Zombie Apocalypse combat team!

*Disclosure: Thank you to Self Aware Games for sponsoring this blog post. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.*


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