Going Organic for Franz Bread


It’s probably one of the most versatile foods out there. It can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert!

That’s really why I love bread so much. You can have chocolate, just give me a slice of toast with homemade Oregon strawberry jam on top and I am in heaven. And what better bread to be the platform for the Oregon jam than an Oregon bread??

Franz Bakery has been around since 1906, although the family behind the apron has been baking since way before that.

I’m super excited about Franz new line of organic breads. It’s so great to have another Oregon bakery offer organic bread, it really means another option for me to offer my family a healthy bread option with no HFCS. Now first let me say that I am not completely against HFCS. There are still things that my family and I eat that contain HFCS mainly because we can’t afford to buy completely organic. But I do try to limit the amount we eat, especially when it comes to things that we eat a lot of, like bread.

The Franz organic line of bread comes in 3 different flavors.

franz organic whole wheat

Big Horn Valley 100% Whole Wheat – Super moist bread that is rich with wheat flavor. Highlight for me was the crust, it was so darn flavorful that I found myself eating that first!

franz organic seed bread

Willamette Valley Great Seed – This was the Hubs favorite. I’m not a big fan of seeds in my bread so it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. Hubs, however, said he felt there was the perfect amount of seeds in each slice. He didn’t feel like he was getting more seed than bread which he has experience with other ‘seed’ breads.

franz organice nine grain

San Juan Island Nine Grain – Now this is a bread I can pull up a chair to! Love the oats along the top of the crust and there is a sweetness to the bread that is simply to die for. I loved this bread for turkey sandwiches with pickles. The sour of the pickles with the slight sweetness of the bread were a perfect match.

I love how the breads where named after the Pacific Northwest. I also love that there are less calories in each slice than other comparable organic breads on the market. To give you a comparison, the normal organic bread I buy has 200 calories a slice, Franz organic bread has 110 calories a slice! That’s a huge difference that won’t mean extra miles on the treadmill for me.

You can find Franz Organic breads in many of your local Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and California stores.

I highly recommend heading to their site and signing up to get information about giveaways, special offers and events. Also, check them out on Facebook, you never know when a coupon or deal might pop up on there.

By the way, did you know Franz isn’t just all about breads either. They also own Smith Cookie Company which is right here in the town I live in. I admit, the smell of fresh bread is great, but until you live in a city that smells like cookies several times a week you don’t know what heaven is. 🙂

Disclosure: Franz sent me samples of their new organic line of bread in order to conduct this review. Thoughts and opinions are completely my own.


  1. I love that they came out with an organic bread!!!

  2. although i have loved your bread for years,once i became vegan i stopped buying it and switched to the “other brand”if you could make it without adding milk,i would certainly buy it again-is it possible to do this?i think there are enough vegans out here to make it worth a try and then label it”vegan”to grab the attention-just a thought

    • When reading the ingredients, it doesn’t say milk anywhere except where it says that it is baked in a facility that also processes milk, nuts etc… It shows that it contains wheat and soy. Am I missing something?

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