The time I almost died on Black Friday

black fridayI will never forget the first time I went Black Friday shopping.

On Thanksgiving day my sister and I perused all of the Black Friday ads, made a list of the things we definitely wanted to get at each store, and then decided on a strategy in terms of which store to target first.

We decided that Walmart would be our first mission. We figured it would be a great place to get our feet wet in this crazy called Black Friday shopping.

Boy oh boy did our strategy fail us.

We were running a bit late that morning, should have been a clue, because my sister slept past her alarm. Once I got her up, in the shower, and looking presentable, we were off!

When we got to the store they had already been open for 30 minutes. Needless to say the only parking we could find was approximately 6 miles away. Okay, so I’m over exaggerating but at that time of morning, in the cold, it might as well been. We were, however, about 1/4 mile from away, at the far end of the parking to the store next to Walmart.

We marched in chanting words of encouragement, “Go Team!” and all that jazz. But seriously, nothing could have prepared us for what was inside.

People. People everywhere!

I’m quite certain that if the ceiling of the store would have been any lower people would have been swinging from the light fixtures.

We made our way to the toy aisle, not an easy feat I might add because there were displaying in the middle of all the aisles. It took us no less than 18 minutes to even get near the toys and then it was like trying to maneuver in a traffic round about. We had to find the aisle that had cart traffic going the right way before we could get to where the Barbie toys were. My sister had her eye on a Barbie Beetle for her daughter. It was only $5 which was over a 50% savings people!

As we made our way out and headed towards the checkouts a large group of people started to close in on us. It was as if a big tidal wave of bodies had decided that NOW was the time to go to the checkout.

black friday star trekIt was at this point that I realized that if a fire broke out in the store I would most certainly perish. The closest fire exit was easily 150 feet and 200 people away from me. I began praying furiously to get out alive. I’m not kidding. I even went through the whole bargaining phase of promising God that if I made it out alive I would stop eating so much at Thanksgiving. *Side note: at the time I was much heavier than I am not and mainly because I didn’t know the definition of portion control.*

Eventually we did make it to and through the check out. When we got back to the car we looked at each other, and I’m pretty sure at the same time, realized that we just went through all of that for a Barbie Beetle! We didn’t end up getting anything else!

It was at that point that we swore if we ever shopped during Black Friday again we would never go to a store for just 1 thing, we would gladly pay the extra money to get it somewhere else and not die.

We’ve gone shopping on Black Friday for several years and haven’t broken that role since!

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  1. I’m a sucker for… PEOPLE! I could not care less about the deal, but I go because I love the crowds. Yes, I’m the 1% (on that front, certainly not the cash way!)!

    I have two things on my list this year – towels for home and a toaster oven for work. I’m a simple man. 🙂

  2. LOL… is it wrong that I almost laughed at your near death experience? Okay… I am super happy you didn’t die though.
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