Holiday Gift Guide 2011 – HEXBUG®

holiday gift guideThis past August during BlogHer, I was introduced to a toy that both intrigued me and freaked me out a little bit.

If you haven’t seen them yet, HEXBUG®’s are these little micro robotic creatures that look like, well, bugs. But like bugs from the future. 🙂

The first time I watched them going around a table, I was told to pick one up and check it out. I could not bring myself to grab the thing. I knew it wasn’t a real bug, but that didn’t stop me from hesitating grabbing one of them.

Once I finally overcame the hesitation, I realized what makes them go. They have 8 soft rubber legs, the body vibrates which allows them to move around. It’s really ingenious actually. I knew my son would absolutely love them.

I was able to bring some home and the first time I showed it to him he was in love. He asked to go to the store and purchase a habitat for them. After explaining that that’s not really how we roll, he has been saving his money every since.

hexbug spiral starter setThankfully HEXBUG® sent one of their Nano Spiral Starter Sets and it will be going under the tree for a very special boy.
The Spiral Starter Set offers 2 levels for your HEXBUG® to explore. In the package comes an extremely rare mutation, two easy connect HEX cells, (the hexagon shaped platforms,) five easy to connect spiral ramp pieces, 2 easy connect one way gates, and 16 easy connect standoffs. If you notice in the picture the platforms have orange doors on each of the sides. These doors are actually the connection points that allow you to add on to your habitat.

hexbug spiral starter set

HEXBUG® Nano Spiral Starter Set
Retails for $19.99
Available at major retailers or online.

Disclosure: I received this product for free to conduct this review. Post may contain affiliate links.


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