Holiday Gift Guide 2011- KRE-O Transformers Optimus Prime Set

holiday gift guideMy son enjoys playing with building blocks of all kinds. The KRE-O Tranformers sets fit into this category nicely.

Before I gave him one, I wanted to test it out for myself and see how easy it was to put together.

Inside each set is enough blocks to build not just the robot but also the vehicle that tranformers start out as. Also included is the directions booklet that shows you exactly which piece to put where.

kre-o transformers optimus primeSo, I started out with a pile of bricks and got to work.

The directions were very simple to follow. I will say that the blocks were a bit stiff to put together. I really had to snap some of them into place and even then they didn’t fit completely together. I had to push down on them to get them completely snug.

Once I got the ‘vehicle’ completed I had to take all the blocks apart so that I could follow the directions to make the ‘robot’. This was somewhat difficult. It took me some time and I know it will not be something my son will be able to do. This is a bit of a disappointment because he plays with blocks by himself often and for long periods of time. (Ok, so maybe I’m disappointed because it means he won’t be able to play by himself but will instead need me there to help him out.)

kre-o transformer optimus prime vehiclekre-o transformers optimus prime robot

Regardless of having to help my son take these apart or not, we will have lot of fun playing together. I know he will be happy with them. As will any block builder in your family.

KRE-O Tranformers Optimus Prime Set
Retails for $7.99
Available on and other major retailers

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  1. My daughters (ages 4 and 2) are in absolute love with Bumblebee and ask to watch Transformers all.the.time. They’d flip their little blond lids if they got actual Transformer toys. Will definitely have to check into this!

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