Anxiety Filled Energy..

What’s a girl to do when she is riddled with anxiety?

There was a time when my anxiety would encompass me to the point that medication would be required. Once I realized that I didn’t like who I was on my meds I quickly tried to find something else to help with my anxiety.

So, what better to do than to channel all that anxious energy into projects!

I have a full week ahead of me that is pretty empty right now. Instead of doing nothing I’m going to be trying to fill each day with a project of some type. Now, don’t get confused, I’m not going to be doing a different project each day but instead of chosen 3 projects to complete this week. All of them involve my kids’ rooms which are in dire need of some organization.

I want to invite you to come along!

I’ll be blogging each day about my projects. I might not get them all done before the week ends but I’m going to give it hell!

If you want to do some organizing in your kids’ rooms then maybe some of my projects will float your boat. If you are on Pinterest I’ve created my Kill the Anxiety Week Board. Check out the projects and join me in some paint filled fun. 🙂

kill the anxiety week

I’m spending today making my shopping list and scouring CraigsList for an old dresser to use.. See you next week!! 🙂


  1. Great idea – glad you are pre-tackling your concerns! Go Tina!
    RobMonroe´s last blog post ..2011 Year in Pictures

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