Taking a bite of Anna and the Cupcakes

bari koralWe have been fans of the Bari Koral Family Rock Band since it’s debut album Rock & Roll Garden. To this day my daughter’s favorite song remains to be Dance All Day.

To say we were excited to hear about their second album Anna and the Cupcakes, which released on Valentine’s Day, is an understatement. We couldn’t wait to add this album to our playlist.

This album is quite a bit different from their first album. Rock & Roll Garden had more fast beat dance songs, to the point that when I turn it on my kids couldn’t help but get up and start moving.

anna and the cupcakesAnna and the Cupcakes is a more mellow approach to family music featuring sprightly roots pop rock songs to country-tinged kickers. After listening to the complete album I fell i love with how each song really told a story. For instance the title track is about disappearing cupcakes and the song ‘Butterfly’ tells the story of a cocoon transforming to a butterfly.

By far though my favorite song on the album is ‘Dragon Comes to Dinner’ which is about a child telling his/her mom that they invited their friend dragon to dinner. Throughout the song, mama is told what the dragon likes and doesn’t like to eat, where dragon will sit, and oh, yeah, Dragon is here!

While not necessarily an album that we will dance around the house to this CD will be going into our car to sing along with since the choruses are so easily repeated.

Check out more from the Bari Koral Family Rock Band at their website, or on Facebook.

Disclosure: We were sent Anna and the Cupcakes to review in order to conduct this review.


  1. RobMonroe says:

    I do love a good children’s CD! Thanks for the head’s up, on my iTunes list now. 🙂

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