A 7th Birthday full of wishes!

Today is my son’s 7th birthday!

I know it is a total cliché, but it is hard to believe how quickly the time has gone by.

Perhaps, it’s because we wanted him for so long before we were finally blessed with him, or maybe it’s just because in my eyes he will always be the small bundle we brought home all those years ago.

Anyway, I know he has some seriously big wishes for his birthday and so do I.

Here are my 7 wishes for his 7th birthday..

  1. I wish that your sense of humor continues to grow as much as your legs seem to.
  2. I wish that you continue on your walk with the Lord and that you continue to have the courage to stand up for your faith.
  3. I wish that your love for reading keeps growing!
  4. I wish that you don’t get to old this year to give me a hug in public.
  5. I wish that you keep being encouraging of your sister when you think no one is looking. 😉
  6. I wish that you will not eat us out of house and home. (Just kidding, sorta.)
  7. And finally, I wish that you just keep on the path that you are on, because you are such an amazing little boy and I know I don’t tell you that nearly enough.


  1. RobMonroe says:

    My favorite is number 6! 🙂 Happy Belated Birthday to your little guy!!

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