Learning life lessons from American Idol

So this season of American Idol is the first season in quite some time that I have really gotten into.

I don’t know what it is about the singers this season but I can’t stop myself.

I, like the millions of other watchers, have my favorites and I’m not shy to tell you who they are.

american idol

Phillip Phillips will get a post all of his own at some point I’m sure. This post is going to be about Colton Dixon, (pictured on bottom.)

Now, Colton has been on my radar since his somewhat forced audition in the beginning of the season. But it wasn’t until he say “Everything” by Lifehouse that he really stood out to me. First off, that song is one of my all time favorite worship songs and Colton seriously sung it out of the park. I was crying at the end, not just because he sung it so beautifully, but because at the end when speaking to Ryan, Colton proclaimed “God is my everything”.

Here is a kid who is having his dreams come true on national television and yet he is grounded enough to not lose sight of what is important, and ultimately who he has to thank for his gift. It was at that moment that I really started to look at myself and my walk with the Lord. I couldn’t help but ask myself that if I were in that situation would I be confident enough to put my faith out there or would I be too scared of rejection and the ill thoughts of those around me.

I’ve spoken of my belief in God here on my site before. Never anything too in depth and really it was when I was at my lowest of lows. I think many believers are the same way. It’s easy to talk to others about your faith when you are relying on it heavily, I think because you are in the now. You don’t have to think about it to talk about it, you’re living it right then and being touched or affected at that moment. It definitely lends to the fact that most believers don’t talk to God unless we need something. When do we pray? When we are scared, worried, sad. But why not when we are happy, ecstatic, or joyful?

I’m not trying to answer these question, I know I can’t. I just feel that for whatever reason God, being his wise self, chose what He had at his disposal to get me thinking about and re-evaluating how I take my walk with Him.

My thoughts came to a head this evening when I watched Colton’s run on American Idol end. It was at that moment that Colton showed grace. He apologized to America for not being himself the night before and saying some things he regretted. I think he had let the fame get a bit to him and this brought him crashing back to earth.

I don’t think I’ll see another exit from American Idol like Colton’s.

colton dixon american idol exit knees

On his knees, praising God, and reconfirming that He is everything we need.


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