It’s never too late for Making Together Better

The following post is inspired by BRICA®, whose motto is ‘Making Together Better’. It was written as an entry to win a sponsorship to the Type A Conference. Be sure to check out BRICA® on Facebook and Twitter.

It’s no secret that I became a step-mom at the age of 21. A step-mom to pre-teen girls no less.

It’s also no secret that raising these girls was a struggle for me. One that was filled with actions and behaviors that I am not proud of. After all, we were essentially growing up together.

Lastly, it’s no secret that those pre-teen girls have now grown into beautiful, amazing young women. Young women who I am immensely proud of.

Looking back, the biggest regret I have relating to my girls, was that I did not make enough time for us to just be together. I mean, it’s not like we never spent time together. Eating dinner as a family has always been a huge priority in our house, but really the occurances ended there. I always tried to be there for them when they needed me. I always worked behind the scenes, but that was my failure. Instead of stepping up and being proactive, I sat in the background and waited for them to come to me, which I’m sure just appeared to them that I didn’t care.

It’s through grace that I can recognize these failures and endeavor to correct them.

Our younger kids know that spending time together is something we value in our house. They look foward to movie nights that entail snuggling up together on the couch, bike rides on sunny days, and the occasional family trip.

Really, I have my older girls to thank for the memories that I’m making with my younger kids. And for making me carve out special time to spend with them one on one.

So, what does Making Together Better mean to me?

For me, Together is interchangable with Family. Making Family Better.

brica family

It’s never too late to change your family dynamic. It’s never too late to view each day as an opportunity to do something that will have a lasting impression on my children. And I don’t just mean my younger children. Just because my girls are now older and living on their own, doesn’t mean spending time together is any less important.

Granted it’s a bit harder now that they are older, especially since one of my daughters lives out of state, but we try not to let that stop us. Thankfully technology makes it easy to continue to be a part of each others lives and spend time together chatting on Skype or texting back and forth. Although the memories we make this way may seem unconventional, they are our memories, our SMILES, our HUGS.

My oldest daughter is now 21, she and her husband are expecting their first child next month.

I feel incredibly blessed knowing that very soon our togetherness as a family will include a small bundle of joy. I’m also excited about showing my daughter support as a fellow mother and seeing the STEPS she takes in this new JOURNEY of her LIFE. A journey that will include tears and LAUGHTER.

These experiences are how we will be Making Together Better.

Because ultimately as a family, we are in this together.


  1. This is really beautiful. And you are so right. It’s never too late to make your family better!
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  2. Great post Tina! I hope you win the contest! 🙂
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  3. I love hearing your voice with both older and younger children. It is so good to remember that we can always make choices to make changes that will make our families stronger and our together better. And oh my goodness a new bundle of joy for your daughter! Congratulations!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your post!
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  4. Through grace, making family better. Words we can all learn from, beautifully formulated, Tina.
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  5. Stories like these are why we make so much effort to be sure we have family time at our house. My new job I have to work wacky hours, but I am still home for dinner most nights, at least 6 out of 7 each week. We always find fun stuff to do when we are together – can’t wait for summer!

    Thank you for sharing your story.

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