Chuck VS Black Friday

chuck season 5I know we are getting ready to enter into Summer but I couldn’t resist talking about the ‘Chuck Versus the Santa Suit’ episode from the fifth season. Basically it’s Christmas at the Buy More. Chuck’s sister Ellie is in full Christmas mode, meanwhile the Omen virus has infected computers worldwide. The virus causes holiday shoppers to panic and things get a little out of control.

Enter Black Friday choas, am I right??

Do you all remember a couple years ago when someone was killed by the stampede of people going into Walmart so now the store stays open all night long, but you don’t get the good deals until a certain time and they keep the palettes all covered up?

Anyway, last year during Black Friday my sister and I went to Walmart shortly after midnight. One of the big ticket items of the year were these Blu-Ray players that were $20. There was a HUGE palette of them all covered up with black plastic and people were crowded around about 4 deep. Fast forward to the magical hour when they took the black tarp off and there was all kinds of pushing, shoving and yelling as people tried to stake their claim on a box. Suddenly, a child started screaming and crying. Instantly a group of people started yelling at everyone else to stop because they were obviously crushing a small child. One large fellow started grabbing people and pulling them away from the palette. Long story short, there was no child. The child crying was well out of danger and was crying because his mom had left him in the cart to grab a Blu-Ray player.

Crazy right?!?

Want to know the funny part? After all was said and done and the large crowd got their players and dispersed, I calmly walked up to the paletter where there were over 50 players left, grabbed one and walked away.

It totally amazes me how crazy people get at these times of year.

Anyway, relive your own Black Friday traumas while watching the Complete Fifth Season of Chuck which can be pre-ordered here: And enter promo code (c5wbwrd) for 20% off + free shipping from the WBShop.

If you are a fan of Chuck then the following featurette is for you! A thank you from the entire cast. 🙂

Disclosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘Chuck.’ My words, my opinions, my life.

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