Aww, nuts! – Learning consequences

Last couple of weeks we had some incredible weather. The kind of weather that tells you that Summer isn’t too far away.

With great weather comes the kids wanting to play outside as much as they can. You can see why I love it even more. 🙂 We are very lucky that as our kids got older they ventured into the neighborhood and found kids to play with. We are also very blessed that we have some great neighbors who are not afraid to tell us when our kids have done something they shouldn’t have.

Late one evening a little over a week ago I received a text from one such neighbor asking if I could give them a call. Our kids had been playing together earlier that day, mother’s intuition kicked in and I knew that something had happened during that time. My mind was working overtime trying to play out every scenario in my head.

When I called I could instantly tell that my lovely neighbor was nervous. She didn’t want to tell me that my kids had done something wrong. My darling children had proceeded to kick hazelnut shells that they had used as landscaping out of their flower bed and into their driveway. The first reaction I had was to ask if they had cleaned it up. When she replied no, I told her good. That the kids would be over the next day after school to clean it up themselves.

The thing that struck me was how grateful I was that this parent and fellow mother, even though she was nervous to tell me, did so anyway. These are the types of adults I want my kids to be around. People that will hold my children accountable for their actions. I don’t want my kids growing up thinking they can do whatever to whomever, whenever.

The next morning I told my kids what they were going to be doing after school, I’m grateful that they didn’t try to deny it.

So, later that afternoon after I picked my son up from school, they set off to right their wrong.

lessons learned

Have brooms, will travel.

learning lessons

Schnikes! That's a lot of hazelnut shells!

learning lessons

Nothing like starting in the middle

learning lessons

Bringing out the big guns

lessons learned

The last pile

It took them about a half hour to complete their task.

Now to you and I, that time frame is nothing; but to 2 young kids you would have thought that that 30 minutes really lasted 30 days. I will say this though, it has stuck with them. It’s been well over 2 weeks since this happened and there have been no other instances of wrong doing around the neighborhood.

What is a recent instance you have used to teach your children about consequences?

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