When your Mojo goes MIA #mamavation

MamavationHave you seen my Mojo?

I don’t know if it’s just the summer slump or what, but I seriously can’t get motivated. AT. ALL.

Each evening I make my plan that involves getting up early and heading to the gym with the kiddos, but each morning my alarm goes off and I quickly turn it off and snuggle back down under the covers.

missing mojoI just have no giddy in my up.

I know that this is something I need to conquer. No one can really help me with this. I have to be able to find that willpower to motivate myself. I need to find the woman that was inside of me less than a year ago, that truly had the desire, the want, the NEED, to get up and get moving each day.

Sadly, right now I think that woman has been eaten by the one that likes to sleep in and eat cookies.

Looking back I realize that I actually hit a similar slump last summer as well, though it wasn’t quite this bad. I was able to drag myself out of that one when my kids went back to school and I’m hoping that that happens this year as well, but I can’t help but be saddened that I can’t find the wherewithal to get my butt into gear NOW.

Do you find yourself drifting into slumps at certain times? What do you do to fight it?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Unreal Candy and hosted by Mamavation – a community dedicated to obesity prevention & weight loss for women and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway and to share my story.


  1. I am in the same boat! Here’s to hoping we both find that mojo.
    Angela @ Nine More Months´s last blog post ..Mamavation Monday 7/23/12

  2. Yes, I experience mojo slumps. For me, it is usually a sign that I need to refocus. Hopefully you find yours soon.
    Shannon @AriesMommy´s last blog post ..Off Week

  3. I hate losing my mojo! It sometimes takes me awhile, but I just have to force myself to go for a run or go to the gym. Then I’m like “Oh yeah, this isn’t bad! I feel great!” 🙂
    Sarah @mamasarahjane´s last blog post ..Mamavation Monday: July’s 5K

  4. Get the kids involved in finding your mojo! Remind them at night that if they get up early they get to go to the gym, which I am sure they love. Trust me, they will get you up if they have a goal in mind, too! 🙂
    RobMonroe´s last blog post ..A Whole New World

  5. My problem is that I can’ seem to coordinate my eating habits and my exercise habits to be good at the same time. Darn sabotage.
    Jessica @FoundtheMarbles´s last blog post ..Living life to the fullest with a life list

  6. There is a reason they are called the dog days of summer….lazy days. I’m sure like me, you are a woman constantly on the go. Just look at it as a way for you to naturally slow down and “smell the roses”. Your mojo will be there waiting once you’ve had a break!
    HeliMom´s last blog post ..Do you remember your Sweet 16th birthday?

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