Peppered with Flavor, Pepperidge Farm celebrates 75!

pepperidge farmIf you have kids chances are Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers are a staple in your household, but Pepperidge Farm is so much more than Goldfish crackers.

There aren’t very many brands that have a product portfolio bigger than Pepperidge Farm. The story of Pepperidge farm started with just a loaf of bread that was baked by found Margaret Rudkin in her Connecticut home. That recipe was created in 1937 because her son had allergies to common preservatives. It was also the basis of the flourishing business that we all know and love today, and it celebrates its 75th anniversary this year!

pepperidge farm margaret rudkin

The Pepperidge Farm brand was simply founded on a mother’s love for her son. It is that basis that the company is founded on and is why they forever strive to deliver the very best products.

Check out these fun facts about Pepperidge Farm, number 5 is my favorite!

  • On August 15, 1937, the first “official” loaf of Pepperidge Farm all natural, whole grain bread was sold in a store for 25 cents.
  • By September 27, 1939, one million loaves of Pepperidge Farm bread had been sold.
  • Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish crackers were originally made and marketed in Switzerland as “Goldfish Tiny Crackers” before being brought to the U.S. by Margaret Rudkin in 1962.
  • The first flavors introduced stateside were Lightly Salted (Original), Cheese, Barbecue, Pizza, and Smoky.
  • The late Julia Child used to love to serve Goldfish crackers as an appetizer before dinner.
  • Pepperidge Farm is committed to accelerating snacking and baking advancements in the future as evidenced by the 34,000-sqare-foot Innovation Center opening this fall at the company’s headquarters in Norwalk, CT
  • Annually, the brand produces about 558 million Milano® cookies—enough to cross the United States more than 7 times—and bakes approximately 206 million loaves of bread
  • Today, Pepperidge Farm employs more than 5,000 people and operates plants in nine towns
  • Each year, Pepperidge Farm uses about 390 million pounds of flour

Pepperidge Farm was kind enough to send me a box full of their products including our favorite Goldfish crackers and some new snacks which have recently been added to the line.

The Goldfish were gone before I could even get a picture of them. My kids love to eat them with fruit. There is something about the great cheese flavor of the crackers mixed with the sweetness from the fruit that my kids love.

pepperidge farm jingo

I love snack crackers and the flavors of Jingo’s are not anything that I’ve seen before. My daughter loved the Parmesan Garlic flavored crackers as you can see from the pictures.. To be honest, I did like the flavor of them, but they were very fragrant. You can definitely smell the garlic. My favorite was the Fiesta Cheddar, they were very cheesy and then had a bit of a kick to them. My husband liked the Lime and Sweet Chili.

So, when it comes to the Milano cookies, they were ALL mine! 🙂

I liked both of them but by far my favorites was the sweet and salty taste of the Milano Slices. I love that combination and to have it on a cookie was devine. I liked the Milano Melts as well but the cookies were a bit too crisp for me, I think I would like them more if the cookies were softer with the creme inside. The vanilla flavor of the creme was great though. I wouldn’t turn it away it they were offered to me!

So, happy anniversary to Pepperidge Farm and be on the look out for Jingo’s and the new Milano cookies at your nearest grocery. Be sure to try the Fiesta Cheddar Jingo’s!

Disclosure: This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own.


  1. I would not have shared the Milano’s either – as a matter of fact I might pick some up today at the grocery store! Good thinking, Tina!
    RobMonroe´s last blog post ..A Whole New World

  2. Pepperidge Farm is one of my favorite brands! In fact, we have goldfish crackers out for a snack right now!

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  3. I had no idea that Julia Child liked serving goldfish for apps – she is one of my faves!
    Dawn Sandomeno´s last blog post ..Cool Beans Cubes For The Best Ice Coffee!

  4. I think every child I’ve come into contact with loves Goldfish crackers. The Milanos are delicious and addicting!
    ConnieFoggles´s last blog post ..Just Keep Learning | The Adult Version

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