New e-book from Chef Boyardee! #Giveaway

little chefs project chef boyardeeI’m so excited to be able to share with you a new cooking e-book from Chef Boyardee called, The Little Chefs Project: A Collection of Kid-friendly Tips, Tricks and Recipes for Fun in the Kitchen!

Why you ask?

Because I was a contributor!

I was asked to provide some tips for the chapter about Family Traditions and cooking with the kiddos.

I don’t remember many family traditions growing up. I honestly don’t think we had any. This is the big reason why creating traditions with my kids is so important to me now.

One of the easiest traditions is that we have dinner together almost every night. My kids are still young and I know there will soon come a time when their own lives begin to dictate and I’m hoping that beginning this tradition while they are young, it will be something they always want to do and look forward to.

cooking with kidsThe other tradition we observe is making cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. I realize that not everyone celebrates Christmas or allows Santa to be a part of the festivities, but traditions centered on holidays are always treasured for years.

Even though my kids are just 5 and 7, they tend to remind me each year that we need to bake cookies and leave out treats for the reindeer.

There were 2 tips that I provided the Little Chefs Project. They stem from the fact that creating traditions for your family doesn’t have to overwhelming, actually it shouldn’t be at all.

My first tip is to start a tradition that transcends all ages. For instance, our cookie baking tradition is great for not only my young kids, but also my older nieces and nephews enjoy it also when we are together for the holidays.

And the second is even if you grew up with family traditions don’t be scared to start your own. Sometimes the traditions that you enjoyed as a child won’t keep the attention of your own kids, altering or making new ones are just as important.

Just remember that it’s all about making memories. Don’t let the fact that you can’t bake or craft hold you back. You’re kids will still find it fun and laughter makes the best memories of all!

There are many more tips, tricks and recipes in the e-book from many more fabulous bloggers so be sure to check it out. You can also look up some fantastic (i.e. quick and simple) recipes from Chef Boyardee HERE and if you want to have a little fun go Chef Boyardee yourself on their Facebook Page.

Now to the REALLY fun stuff.

In honor of the launch of the e-book, enter to win this awesome Little Chefs Prize Pack!

little chefs prize pack

It includes:

  • Kids’ kitchen measure and prep kit
  • Kids’ recipe box
  • Scrapbook album
  • 2 Chef Boyardee chef hats
  • Chef Boyardee adult apron
  • Chef Boyardee child apron
  • Chef Boyardee pizza kit
  • Time capsule
  • 2 coupons for free Chef Boyardee Beefaroni
  • 5 Chef Boyardee recipe cards

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Disclosure: I was compensated for my contribution to the Little Chefs Project by Chef Boyardee and The Motherhood. But I really do love family traditions!


  1. So completely cool that you got to be a contributor! We work hard on figuring out how best to fit new things into our traditions about food, and also work on when to let go of some stuff. (We used to have Breakfast for Dinner every Friday, but now we are out a lot of Fridays and working on how to get that back on our minds!)

    Again, so completely awesome – congrats!
    RobMonroe´s last blog post ..A Whole New World

  2. Jamie Hall says:

    Congrats to madhatter mom! Happy to see you start some traditions! Is this where we enter the contest for the little chef prize pack?

  3. Congrats to you! My favorite family tradition is that we try to make Christmas cookies and a wreath for Christmas for our door every year.
    Crystal Abel´s last blog post ..Chris Mann Roads CD Review

  4. I loved the tip to get some aprons and have your kids decorate them.
    Crystal Abel´s last blog post ..Chris Mann Roads CD Review

  5. Karen Medlin says:

    We have a tradition of pierogie-making and we talk about our traditions and herbage of foods that other families prepare for their holiday meals. I share stories of helping my grandmother and aunts prepare pierogie’s during the holidays

  6. Karen Medlin says:

    my favorite tip is for picky eaters, and trying new flavors. Finding a different recipe with different flavors to try

  7. Jennifer Young says:

    Going to my grandparents’ for Christmas every year!

  8. Jennifer Young says:

    Having a cook off with parents and kids! How fun!

  9. not sure what my favorite family tradition is. . .probably our big Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house. . .I love everyone being together – there’s no gift stress . . .it’s just a pretty setting, a great meal and family.

    hchybinski´s last blog post ..How-To : Kids and Mobile Safety

  10. Thanksgiving Dinner!

  11. Doing our advent activities together.
    Kristie´s last blog post .."The Sparkle Box" Children’s Book Review and GIVEAWAY

  12. Kristie Belding says:

    Every year we go to grandmas for Thanksgiving and Christmas with the cousins. Its a great time to bond with the family without busy schedules getting in the way.

  13. Kristie Belding says:

    I like the scavenger hunt idea, though we do that one on a daily basis. “Where did you put your cup?”, “where are your shoes?”, “Where did mommy leave her keys?” Today was “Where did you set down the play dough!”

  14. Baking cookies at christmas together.

  15. michelle jonassen says:

    My husband, myself, and our 3 children spend a whole day baking Christmas cookies to give away. It is so much fun.

  16. robyn paris says:

    i like to make cookies with my daughter

  17. Chrissy Nestor says:

    Making a Scarecrow for Halloween with my daughter and nephew. We love to do it every year.

    chrissylea1979 (at)gmail(dot) com

  18. Opening gifts on Christmas eve taht are always pajamas

  19. Monique Rizzo says:

    We grab Starbucks, get in our pjs and go looking at christmas lights
    Thanks for the chance.
    [email protected]

  20. Karen Gonyea says:

    Game night after dinner 🙂

  21. My favorite Holiday tradition is watching movies and eating snacks with my kids on Christmas Eve.

  22. Everyone gathering at my house Christmas morning for food and gifts.

  23. My favorite family tradition is coloring eggs!

  24. Mary Calabrese says:

    Playing dominoes together.

  25. Jessica To says:

    My favorite tradition is riding around looking at Christmas lights and decorations.

  26. Our favorite tradition is decorating the christmas tree

  27. making Christmas cookies together.

  28. beth shepherd says:

    I love our family friday movie night

  29. beth shepherd says:

    The scavenger hunt would be fun

  30. Casey Everidge says:

    having dinner with family and spending the time together

  31. Every Sunday, get together at grandma’s house for Sunday Dinner.

  32. To not be afraid of the kids making a mess. That is very hard for me lol

  33. Linda Lansford says:

    fave tradition is the turkey

  34. Going to look at Christmas light displays is one of my favorite family traditions.

  35. Diane Baum says:

    My fave family tradition is cooking Thanksgiving dinner together

  36. smores in the winter


    [email protected]

  38. I enjoy our whole family getting together on thanksgiving.

  39. Stephanie Larison says:

    My favorite tradition is all the family getting together to make cookies for Christmas.

  40. Stephanie Larison says:

    I like the scavenger hunt idea too!

  41. amanda whitley says:

    fishing on sundays

  42. Dorothy Deakyne says:

    friday nite homemade pizza

  43. It would have to be movie night on fridays. We make pizza cuddle on the couch and watch movies.
    Jammie´s last blog post ..Pumpkin Cookies?

  44. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    pizza on sunday night
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  45. Melanie Montgomery says:

    We decorate the tree Thanksgiving night.

  46. We have game night once a week 🙂

  47. Jennifer M says:

    We bake cookies with the kids for the first day of school.

  48. Going out to eat with my whole family at least once a month. Thanks!

  49. My favorite is making Christmas cookies with my mom and now making them with my son.

  50. Samantha Meyer says:

    Everyone in our family helps make thanksgiving dinner by bringing stuff along, I think it i helps!

  51. Samantha Meyer says:

    I like the idea of having a kid grownup cook off, sounds like fun!

  52. Cassandra M says:

    reading all the classic books for the holidays with my children in hopes they will pass is forward to their’s

  53. Melissa Nix says:

    Holiday party at my Grandmother’s house.

  54. Baking cookies together on Christmas

  55. My favorite tradition is that we have a extended family gathering for a holiday christmas party.

  56. Angela Neynaber says:

    Making birthday cupcakes.

  57. Angela Neynaber says:

    Dont take cooking so seriously is a good tip.

  58. Amy DeLong says:

    christmas day we watch christmas story all day

  59. Favorite family tradition is making cookies for Santa.

  60. Pauline M says:

    Every year on my kids birthday, they get a “junk food” breakfast (yes, I feel a little bad for the teacher that ends up with the sugar rush!). They get anything they want! I’ve made donuts, cake, brownies, and banana chocolate chip pancakes!

  61. Pauline M says:

    I loved alot of the tips suggested, the wearing an apron is a great idea (I’ll have to get some!) and having the kids pick what they want from a few choices is also a great idea!

  62. April Brenay says:

    Family movie night!

  63. amy deeter says:

    opening gifts with the family

  64. Watching It’s a Wonderful Life each Christmas Eve.

  65. I like the tip for picky eaters. Kids like different foods much more when they help cook them.

  66. dinner once a month

  67. kathy pease says:

    we love baking goodie baskets for friends and family christmas eve 🙂

  68. Racheal S says:

    Decorating the Christmas Tree.

  69. my favorite tradition is playing white elephant for christmas
    Emily´s last blog post ..HGG: Flat Iron Experts Review & #Giveaway US 11/29

  70. Lisa Garner says:

    My favorite family tradition is all my children and their cousins all get together at grandma’s house each year before Christmas to make and decorate Christmas cookies.

  71. I like the tip to premeasure ingredients so that its easier for kids to help out
    Emily´s last blog post ..HGG: Flat Iron Experts Review & #Giveaway US 11/29

  72. Lisa Garner says:

    My favorite tip is have a kid vs grown up cookoff.

  73. Virginia Rowell says:

    Actually, we all get together and make all kinds of desserts including no bake cookies, all kinds of pies and whatever else we can com up with!

  74. shanta spradlin says:

    Family movie night

  75. Ed Nemmers says:

    We bake Christmas cookies together!

  76. Ed Nemmers says:

    Clean as you go!

  77. Tanya white says:

    Cooking and having everyone over for the holidays

  78. Tanya white says:

    I like the tip about pre – measuring ingredients into containers so my kids can help

  79. Stacey Cockrell says:

    Cooking my Grandmother’s recipe of Oyster Dressing.

  80. Nicole Lancaster says:

    My favorite family tradition is the day before Thanksgiving all the women in my family including children bake pies, cookies, and Rice Krispie treats together all day. We have done this for years.

  81. Nicole Lancaster says:

    My favorite tip is to encourage kids to create their own recipes to encourage math and critical thinking skills.

  82. The circus every year during the Thanksgiving holiday, we all go.

  83. James Coyne says:

    Christmas Day Movie

  84. Christian Alejandro N. says:

    I liked the “If you can read, you can cook anything” comment. And I also liked that it stated that kids can develop and utilize their critical thinking skills just by helping out.

  85. Christian Alejandro N. says:

    My favorite tradition is opening presents with the fam on christmas morning.


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