Princess for a day courtesy of Chasing Fireflies

If I could, I would outfit my daughter in all things Chasing Fireflies. They have such fantastic clothes that are such great quality.

We know the quality is great because we have had the opportunity to check out not only their Halloween costumes but also their holiday clothing.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ECSTATIC when we were asked to review their Halloween costumes again.

In true form my daughter and I spent some serious time looking through the Wishcraft catalog trying to pick out the best costume for this year. I really wanted her to choose the Heavenly Angel costume, but of course the girl chose the gorgeous Sweet Fairy Princess (retails $78).
chasing fireflies sweet fairy princess

I swear I tear up at this picture every time I look at it. This little girl is a shining light in my life and in this picture I see a glimpse of her as a lovely young woman. *sigh*

I’m always amazed at how almost, theatrical their costumes are. This is not some play costume that will be torn and ready for the trash just weeks after Halloween. No, these costumes will last and last. And there are so many options not just for the kids, but the whole family! I especially like the options of costumes for moms and daughters to coordinate. For whatever reason though I could talk my girl into being a go-go dancer with me.

Here are some more pictures that showcase the detail and beauty of this costume.
chasing fireflies sweet princess

Now I get to tell you the best part about being able to review this costume. I had my daughter in our front yard (better light) to take pictures. It was our trash day so we didn’t think anything about our garbage man driving by. It wasn’t until he stopped princess for a daydirectly in front of our house instead of by our garbage cans at the curb that I got a little curious. He appeared to be searching for something in the cab of his truck and then he jumped down and approached us. He smiled at me and then turned to my daughter asking he she was an actual princess. She could do nothing but giggle, it was adorable. He then asked if he could have her autograph. My little 5 year old painstakingly wrote out her name in her best penmanship. As she was writing the driver told her all about his trip to Disneyland with his kids and how they met princesses there. She handed the paper back to him and he told her he would keep it in his truck always. He gallantly jumped back in his truck and waved as he drove away.

Now when we see or hear a garbage truck I’m always asked if it’s OUR garbage man and I am treated to the whole story from her perspective.

I’d say Chasing Fireflies nailed this costume, because isn’t that was dressing up is all about? Being a princess for a day?

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Disclosure: As mentioned in the post this review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. I was given a gift certificate in order to purchase a costume for review. Thoughts on the costume and the adorable little girl in the costume are all mine!


  1. Your daughter looks so sweet! I love what the garbage man did. He must be a special dad.
    ConnieFoggles´s last blog post ..Listerine Oral Care Challenge Member #SweetSmart

  2. Loved the pic when I saw it before, the story just makes it absolutely amazing!

    The dress is beautiful as is she! 🙂
    RobMonroe´s last blog post ..A Whole New World

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