Becoming OrganWise – In The House Kit

During the last 7 weeks I have strived to make healthier choices everyday.

Through the process I’ve realized that my kids have picked up on some up my previous bad habits, like choosing a sugary drink instead of water.

Thankfully, they’ve witnessed the changes I’ve made and have been encouraging the rest of the family to make as well, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t use some reinforcements. Or even incentives.

That’s why I was excited to try out The OrganWise Guys In The House Kit.

The kit is actually a healthy behavior tracking program. It helps kids and family become more health conscious by gradually adding healthy habits to daily routines. Really it gets your kids thinking about being healthy instead of immediately acting on their impulses. Kids track their progress for each of the “Rules” for seven days and if they are successful, they get a reward. Who doesn’t have a child that learns with incentives? My kids thrive on them.

organwise guys Besides a cute house shaped carrying case, the kit also includes a Getting Started booklet that tells you all about what the program entails, as well as the 4 books which you read together with your child. These books focus on the concepts of choosing low fat foods, high fiber foods, water and exercise. The kit also provide you with the rewards your child will receive after each week.

What I like about the books is the fact that they include a short story and then some activity pages that your kids can complete. They also have a progress chart at the end to make for easy tracking for your child.

organwise reward healthyFor instance The Kidney Brothers In the House! book encourages kids to drink 4-8 glasses of water each day. The chart has pictures of glasses of water that your kids can circle each time they drink one. It also provides lines for them to fill in any water rich foods they may eat like watermelon. This chart is what helps determine when incentives are given. If they are drinking at least 4 glasses each day for a week they have completed the challenge and the next day they find a prize in the box.

This was probably my favorite book to go through just because 8 weeks ago my kids saw me constantly drinking soda. I’ve since cut soda completely and after we read the story in the book my kids really started to understand why. When they would ask for something to drink I gave them the option of juice or water, 8 times out of 10 they would ask for water. Proud Mama moment right there.

The OrganWise guys have tons of other products to so definitely check out their site and don’t forget to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

But wait.. there’s more!

I made a little video for ya..

And I’m not done yet..

One of you fantastic readers will win your own OrganWise Guys In The House Kit!

Be sure to follow the mandatory entry of leaving a comment describing the healthy habit that is hardest to get your kids to start.


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Disclosure: I was compensated for this review. In now way did said compensation alter my opinion of the product or our experience with it. This review was made possible by The OrganWise Guys and The BookieBoo Blogging Network.


  1. Samantha Meyer says:

    It is super hard and stressful to get my nieces to stray away from fried/greasy snacks. The good news, is that with the new apple sauce pouches, they have been wanting to eat those more often!

  2. Samantha Meyer says:

    By the way, not only informative, but aren’t these super adorable, in a strange way?!

  3. My kids have a hard time eating veggies. :-/
    Kristie´s last blog post ..Fall Harvest 2012

  4. Jennifer Young says:

    I think the hardest habit is avoiding the junk! My girls eat really well, but they still want the bad stuff too! I try to teach them to eat the bad stuff in moderation.

  5. Karen Medlin says:

    Hardest is getting them to eat more fruit, and to drink more water

  6. eating fruits and vegetables.

  7. It is hard to get my kids to stay away from sweets or candy. They love their fruits and veggies though!
    priscilla´s last blog post ..Progress

  8. Denise S says:

    Eating healthy!

  9. Laurie Emerson says:

    It is hard to stop them from snacking in between meals,

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