Pinypon is tiny fun!

I was really excited when we were selected to host a MommyParties sponsored by Pinypon.

I’ll be honest. I had never actually heard of Pinypons but when I looked them up they seemed exactly like something my daughter and her friends would love.

Finding 11 of her friends to invite was easy, it was figuring out a time when we could all get together that was a different story. Thankfully, 5 of my daughters friends were able to make it on party day.

pinypon setupIt was so much fun getting ready for the party. Pink seems to be the signature color of Pinypon and as luck would have it, it’s my daughters as well!

We started off our party by having each of the girls search around the house for pictures of Pinypons. The guest could pick any picture they wanted and the picture corresponded to one of the Pinypons I had on display. They were so excited to see which Pinypon they were going to get.

I should note that we did have 2 little brothers in attendance as well. They were treated to Matchbox cars.

Next up it was time to get ready for our Fashion Show!

pinypon dress upThe girls quickly figured out that the best part about their Pinypons is that their outfits, hair and accessories are interchangeable. They had fun trading outfits with each other and making sure their Pinypon looked perfect for the runway.
There was a lot of giggling from the girls and clapping from the moms as our girls took to the runway with their Pinypons.

It was SO much fun in fact that the moms decided to get in on the action.

mom runway

I’m pretty sure someone had done this before.

All in all, the girls had a great time and were very excited when they learned that 2 of them were going home with prizes!

Now let me tell you my impression of these toys.

I love the idea behind the dolls. The fact that their outfits and accessories can be changed and used multiple ways makes them really great for imagination play. I will warn about the small pieces that come with the dolls and even the play-sets that can be purchased for them. Just like the box says, these toys are not for kids under the age of 4. I am constantly finding pieces of my daughters all over the house.

Besides that, the only issue I had with the toys was that some of the hairstyles didn’t fit securely on the dolls. I think there needs to be some type of snapping that takes place, like legos, when you can the hair. One of the longer hairstyles my daughter had for her doll just wouldn’t stay on. If the doll was in any position other than standing, her hair fell off. Not exactly the look my daughter was going for.

Overall, I think these toys are great and will be a big hit with your daughters in the 5-7 age range. My daughter plays with hers almost everyday and has been adding plays-sets and other dolls to her Christmas wish list.

Check out all the whole line of Pinypon toys at the WEBSITE or follow them on FACEBOOK & TWITTER.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures of our party!

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Disclosure: By publishing this post, I received free products as part of a promotional program with MomSelect. All opinions are my own.

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