Continuing the #SafewayHoliday spirit into the New Year

I have to tell you, I’m not 100% ready for the holidays to be over.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve already put away all the decorations, but that’s not really what the holidays are about for me.

For me, it’s a time that is centered around my faith and family. Well, and food. Hey! It’s the 3 F’s! (Totally coining that now and if someone else has already done it please don’t tell me because I’m feeling pretty impressed with myself right now.)

Faith, Family and Food.

Yes, that is what the holidays are about for me.

And since I’m not ready to completely give that up I’m vowing to extend at least those 3 things into the new year.

safeway bakingThankfully, Safeway will have me covered to keep my holiday focus alive!

When I received this basket of goodies I couldn’t wait to dive in and try to create something a little different.

After much thought, I decided to try to make a PB&J mini cupcake. My kids LURVE peanut butter and jelly, plus I was really excited to use the Wilton tips that were included and put something inside the cupcakes.

I have this really great recipe book that tells you various ways that you can use cake mixes. I altered the peanut cupcake recipe in there a bit and used my yellow cake mix from the basket of goodies.

They smelled so good baking and I could have eaten all of them. They were just the right balance of peanut butter. YUM-O!

pb&j cupcakesNext, I squeezed in some of my homemade Oregon strawberry jam. If you have never had any, you really should come to Oregon and I will hook you up! To me there is nothing else that tastes like summer than Oregon strawberries.

I whipped up some peanut butter frosting to top them off and we were in business!

These bad boys didn’t last 4 days, which is good and bad. Good because, well, they were SO DARN GOOD; and bad because, seriously, we ate all of them in 4 days. YIKES!

So, join me in keeping these holidays alive into the New Year! Head on over to Safeway and stock up on your favorite baking goods and get to it.

Oh, and if you have decided to cut back on the sweets in the New Year no sweat. Just bake and give them away. That’s really keeping the spirit going!

Disclosure: I received the basket of goodies pictures above in exchange for creating this post. No monetary compensation received.


  1. RobMonroe says:

    I like the idea of baking to give away, great idea!

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