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The beginning of my relationship with my husband was spent getting to know each other via email and instant messaging.

Fast forward 14 years and for the most part we rely on text messaging, extremely brief phone calls and Facebook posts to stay connected when we are apart.

We rely on technology heavily to keep the communication flowing and also stay organized. With 2 very active kids sometimes we don’t know whether we are coming or going.

I’ve even resorted to taking screenshots of those text messages that are just to great to get rid of because they are sweet, funny, and/or truly showcase the depth of our personality as a couple.

While our current way of connection works it would be nice to have a one stop for all the to-do lists, calendars, pictures, etc.

twyxt iphone appThat’s where Twyxt comes in.

The best part is it’s a private and useful app that allows us, as a couple, to share our life together in a whole new way.

So, here the thing. The features of Twyxt basically combines many of the apps I currently have on my phone and that I utilize with the hubs. But instead of opening and updating 3-5 bits of information, I can do it all within the Twyxt app.

Twyxt includes the following features:

twyxt iphone app calendarCouples Calendar: not only is this a place to keep track of all those appointments and activities, (and date nights); it’s also got a great feature that inputs the photos you share ONTO THE CALENDAR! At a glance you can relive some of the enduring and fun times you had.

Private Messaging: So what makes this different from your stand iMessaging is the ability to classify your messages as urgent and probably my favorite part.. FREEZE MODE! twyxt iphone app freezeUse this whenever your messages maybe take a turn in the wrong directions and you all need to cool off. It’s a fun way to say, hey let’s take a breather.

Shared Lists: Seriously.. Need the other to pick up a few things from the grocery? Have a Honey-Do list for the weekend you are on a girls trip? This is your place folks. Create simple lists or checklist. Now there is no excuse when you ask for 5 things from the grocery and they only bring home 4. 😉

Wanna know the best part about Twyxt? IT’S FREE!!

So, currently it’s only available for the iPhone in the App Store, but Android users have no fear! They development crew is working hard to get the app ready for you too.

With Valentines Day upon us, give your significant other a little something extra. Grab their phone, download the app and start sharing your life in a whole new way!

Disclosure: This was a compensated post from Global Influence. My opinions, my words, my life.

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