Iron Man 3 – Action Packed!

iron man 3 posterYou all know that I am a HUGE Iron Man fan.

So, imagine my sadness when I had to choose between attending a pre-screening of Iron Man 3 or my son’s first baseball game. (Oy, the sacrifices we make!)

Thankfully, a good friend jumped at the chance agreed to take my place with her 3 year old son, who is a pretty big Iron Man fan himself.

So please welcome Jolina, wife, mother of 4, and baker extraordinaire.

Iron Man 3 was a fantastic movie!
It was everything I was wanting it to be – tons of action, humor in the right spots and Robert Downey Jr. who is one of my favorite actors.
I was wondering where they were going to go with a 3rd movie and they pulled it off, the plot was perfect.

My 3 year old loves Iron man. He has watched the first movie a gazillion times along with the Avengers. It was great to see them reference the Avengers a few times. I was a little worried that it might be too much for my young son, but they filmed the violent parts perfect for a young audience. There might have been one part that was a little scary for him but that was it. He did fall asleep half way through, it was a little late for him and he had gotten up really early. Afterward, I asked him what his favorite part was, “Iron man”.. He did also say it was a little scary but that he loved it.

That about sums it up! Iron man is a hit in this family, and I plan on taking the rest of them this Friday!


So how about you?? Will you be hitting this theaters this weekend as Iron Man 3 opens in theaters nationwide?

You better bet your Jarvis that I will be going!


  1. It’s a strange angle they decide to take with Stark, but it’s one that works in showing him as a true hero. Good review Tina.
    Dan O’Neill´s last blog post ..Iron Man 3 (2013)

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