Learning faith from my 6 year old

I’m going to start right off and warn you that this post is going to be a little sappy. It’s fueled partially by guilt and completely by coffee.

Yesterday morning was rough. Really, I think that is an understatement.

With so much stuff going on, i.e. sports and end of the year school activities, my kids have literally been falling into bed exhausted each night. This morning my daughter was still sleeping soundly when I got out of the shower at 7:00am. I decided to let her sleep a bit longer and figured she could eat her breakfast in the car.

Well, I woke her up at 7:20, 20 minutes before we had to leave the house.

What proceeded was not a proud moment in my journey of motherhood. There was quite a bit of raised voices and tears. Actually, just one raised voice, mine. And just one set of tears, my daughters.

In that moment, I knew I had gone too far. Something had clicked and I couldn’t shut myself up.

Finally we got out the door and headed to school.

Now, had someone treated me the way I had just treated my daughter I would be angry and hurt. I wouldn’t want to talk to them or even look at them.

My daughter, however, acted as if nothing had happened. She joked with her brother, asked me to quiz her on her spelling words and even told me a humorous tale.

When we got to her school and parked in the drop off line, I turned to her and apologized. I apologized for my behavior. I apologized for making her cry. I apologized for hurting her feelings.

Her response; “I forgive you Mom, I still love you.”


mini meIt was once I got home and really started thinking about the morning that I realized I could learn a lot about my faith from my daughter.

My daughter’s response to me was much like the response God gives us.

No matter how we treat Him, how many times we ignore Him, or how many times we get frustrated with Him; He is there with open arms. Open arms and forgiveness. Open arms, forgiveness and love.

How humbling it is to know that much like our children have unconditional love for us as parents, our Heavenly Father has that same unconditional love for us as His children.

I, of course, regret my behavior deeply. But I am so very thankful that He made it a learning experience for me through my beautiful daughter.


  1. That really is special. So much grace for a little one. Good for you on realizing the application in this. I often wonder at the lessons we learn about our relationship with the Lord through our earthly relationships. Thank you for sharing

  2. I think our children teach us some of the best lessons in life. I totally agree too. No matter how much we upset Him, he will always love us. Just like us to our children too. Thanks for sharing this <3

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