Friday Confessional: New Weekly Feature

Starting this week, we have a new feature coming to the blog every Friday.

Since it’s the end of the week it only makes sense to confess something about myself so that I go into the weekend feeling fresh and new. Because, seriously, by getting this off my plate now I have room for something else on there that I’m sure I’ll need to confess between tomorrow and next Friday.

So my confession this week has to do with my wardrobe.

Like most stay/work at home moms, I’ve adopted the tried and true uniform of comfort.

But really, comfort isn’t the only reason.

Most days of the week you can catch me wearing something similar to this..

friday confession

Hey, hey – I don’t always work out…

A workout shirt and some capri workout pants. This is what I wear to the gym to workout in whether it’s a couple mile run or a Zumba class.

Here is the confession.

I haven’t been to the gym in like 3 months. True story. But yet I still continue to wear my workout clothes day in and day out because I like people thinking that I’m either on my way to the gym or just got done there. It’s completely shameless really, because, I crap you not, on any given day someone will see what I’m wearing and tell me, “Wow! All your working out is really paying off!”

Do I correct them? Hell. No.

Let’s face it, I am a confident woman and I’m happy in my skin, but there are times when my day is going really craptastic and I need someone to compliment me.. Even if it is under completely false pretenses.

So now it’s your turn.. Looking over the past week what is something that you want to confess?


  1. I love it!
    I wish I could come up with a good confession on the spot… I’ll think about it and come back later!
    Krista Swan´s last blog post ..Dr. Despair

  2. Hahah! Great post! I think you and I chose our clothing from the same closet. At home, my hair is always in a messy (very messy) ponytail. I never wear make up and it it fits, its good enough!
    Sarah Rainwater´s last blog post ..Bare Fruit Apple Chips Review + a chance to win a CASE of Apple Chips!

  3. Okay remind me about this next week because I am so in!

    And hunny I do the same thing. I got a new pair of yoga pants with wicking technology. I don’t care about that just that they are super comfortable and when I got them I wore them four of the seven days in the week :X
    Shana D´s last blog post ..Official Trailer Debut of The Delivery Man

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