Friday Confessional – The Lines Don’t Lie

No.. It’s not a new verse to that catchy Shakira song.

Today, my confession is all about how my husband can instantly tell the type of day I have had just by looking at my forehead.

Or more precisely, the area between my eyes..

friday confessional

You see, I make a distinct face when my kids are doing something they are not supposed to. Okay, yeah, it’s that face up there. And if, on any particular day, my kids have been naughty more than not.. those lines between my eyebrows become etched and are visible even when I’m not making that face.

It’s not a look I’m really fond of, but it is efficient simply because when my hubs walks in the door and sees that I’m the poster child for botox he immediately drops his stuff and asks what he can do to help.

So, at this point you are sitting there wondering what exactly it is that I’m confessing.

Here we go….

Sometimes, right before my husband gets home, I make that face really hard so that it looks like I’ve had a hard day when really I just don’t feel like getting the kids in the shower. Yes, I have that awesome wrinkle developing there, but I figure it’s a small price to pay.. and like I can always have plague injected into my face later. 😉


What’s your confession for this week?


  1. Ha! Oh my gosh Tina, I have that wrinkle and the older my kids get the bigger the divot becomes. (I’m deflecting my responsibility to having this wrinkle. It’s because of their behavior that I respond with a scowl, ya’ see? ;-> )

    I was at Pharmaca in the Uptown Shopping mall this afternoon and they a product called “Frownies”. They are medicated pads that you put on your frown wrinkle to flatten it out over time. (3-4 hours a day they say.) I almost bought it!
    Ann Harrison´s last blog post ..My Katie, 3 Fire Trucks and A Swing

  2. During the school year, I take naps while the kids are at school. Not every day, mind you, but with stunning regularity.

    Then, when the kids come home, and my husband gets home, I pretend like I totally haven’t.
    Karen´s last blog post ..Grilled Cheese And Tomato Soup

  3. You freaking kill me!!!! That is too funny! My confession for this week is that the house has been super clean everyday when my husband gets home from work…because I made the kids do it.
    Sarah Rainwater´s last blog post ..Koma Koa Hawaiian Wood Jewlery Giveaway

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