Coping with #BackToSchool Blues

back to school mom bluesToday was supposed to be about celebrating.

Celebrating the fact that both my kids are in school ALL day!
Celebrating all the time I will have to myself without hearing, “Mom, Mom, Momma, Mommy..”
Celebrating being able to sit in my office and ACTUALLY get work done!

Guess what?

That didn’t happen.

Instead, this morning after I made my kids a special 1st Day of School breakfast, after I supervised them getting dressed, brushing teeth and hair, taking the obligatory pictures (which I have included for your viewing pleasure,) and after walking both kids to their classrooms, meeting their teachers and helping them settle in, I felt less than celebratory.

As I was leaving the parking lot I called my husband at work and told him I had just left both the kids at school, his reply, “And now you’re crying aren’t you?”

Yes, yes I was.

Now, I wasn’t entirely sad and these definitely weren’t just tears of joy over not having the kids at home. They were actually bittersweet tears.

Bittersweet because, like all moms this time of year, I was hit yet again with the realization that my kids are growing up. It’s a huge milestone as a mom to have all your kids in school ALL day.

It represents quiet.

back to school bluesDon’t get me wrong, this quietness is pretty flipping awesome! But, today it’s left me with time to think about the fact that I’ve used up 6 years of firsts. I officially, will never experience another first day of first grade with my children.

That’s huge.

I mean, it’s been an amazing ride. The last few days I’ve caught myself reminiscing about my kids’ various firsts. First baths, first smiles, first steps… and ultimately the other first days of school they have experienced. I can still see my son’s face when I dropped him off for preschool when he was 3 years old, and I remember vividly how excited my daughter was when I picked her up after her first day of preschool and her little voice telling me, as best she could, everything she had done – and then her ultimately falling asleep in a really weird position on the floor because all that excitement had worn her out.

I guess it just comes down to all these memories. Yeah, I know I will never experience that first with another child, but I can relive them in my mind over and over again. I also have so many more firsts to look forward to.

It may be the last first day of first grade, but there’s always the last first day of second grade to look forward to! (Of course, I will probably cry like a baby then too.)

How have you survived the first day of school?


  1. I never realized your youngest is the same age as my oldest. It never clicked. I was a little sad also, but I think mostly apprehensive. What was I going to do, what was it going to be like.

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  2. I would cry too! My kids are growing too fast! I hate to let them go, but sometimes you just have to.
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