It’s time for a change this year.

Typically, the start of the near year brings eagerness for a fresh start.

This new year brought with it apprehension for me since our family is preparing for a large cross country move.

The first month of this year have been anxiety filled as we helped my husband get ready to move first and the kids and I readied ourselves to adapt to life without him here.

This month, my anxiety has been building and I realize that I need to find a outlet to release it.

Blog Forward Badge 250x250[1][1]It wasn’t too long ago that I used exercise as a stress and anxiety reliever, but with taking my business to the next level I have realized that excuses are much more frequent than my workouts. That’s why I’m excited to take part in the Blog Forward Challenge from ZonePerfect. As part of the program I will be taking part in challenges throughout the year and I’ll even be able to bring you some giveaways.

My first challenge is to come up with 3-5 New Year Resolutions. Now, I don’t like making New Year Resolutions. I think the name has gotten a bad rap and just sets one up for failure. Instead, I like just making goals, I think goals offer a much more progress friendly atmosphere. 🙂

My goals for 2014 are:
1. Alleviate stress and anxiety in a more healthy manner, by exercising more frequently. At least 3 times a week.
2. Balance my work and home life more efficiently.
3. Survive this cross-country move.

I went for a run today and I’m already feeling the wonderful affects from it. My patience with the kids is longer and I just feel better able to cope with everything.

I feel that getting a better grasp of the balancing home and work will also heal alleviate some of the stress/anxiety I feel daily. So many times I find that I’m still working at 11 o’clock at night which means getting less sleep, which means being tired and cranky the next day, and that’s no fun for anyone!

And of course, if I can survive this cross-country move, I can SURVIVE ANYTHING!

I wanted to create something that I could come back to when I needed some encouragement so I’ve written the below letter to myself. You don’t have to read it, of course, but if you do, I hope you find some encouragement in it also.

Dearest Tina,
You’ve come a long way baby. You accomplished so much just a short time ago during your journey to better health and don’t feel that you have thrown that all away because of a number on a scale. That number doesn’t portray how strong you are. How fearless. How absolutely amazing. There are no other words to describe you. It is evident in this cross-country move you are prepping for. Leaving your family and friends in order for your husband to pursue his career takes amazing strength, period. Don’t ever discount that.
Just remember that in all this, you need to take care of you. Mentally, spiritually, and physically. You can not be the mother and wife your family needs if you are hurting in any of these areas. Focus on one day at a time and always remember that tomorrow is a new day and with it brings a do-over on the things you struggled with today.
Take refuge in Him when you need it and communicate when you need help. I know you like to pretend that you can do it all, but you can’t and you don’t have to.
This year will be what you make of it. You can let the move be a roadblock or you can view it as an adventure and embrace the amazing opportunities you will have because of it. It will bring your little family closer together and chances are, years from now, you will look back and thank God for the experience.

You have this. Never doubt that.


Disclosure: This post was written as part of the Blog Forward Challenge presented by ZonePerfect. During this program I will receive free product from ZonePerfect, but my thoughts and words are my own.

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