Celebrating the Small Victories

With roughly 65 more days to go until we are reunited with the Hubs, we have all hit our limit it seems.

small victoriesThe kids and I have been fighting with eachother almost everyday. Our patience has reached a limit. They miss their daddy and I miss my husband.

During the first 50 days of our separation I’ve realized that I have been sabotaging these days that I have with my kids. These days that could prove to be very bonding for the three of us. These days that will help make or break this huge move that we have ahead of us.

When I started running a couple years ago my self talk was SO negative that I was essentially talking myself out of having a good run. I was essentially doing the same thing with this current situation.

Each day was filled with an inner dialogue about how I hated not having my husband home. How it was too hard to be mom, dad, disciplinarian, nurturer, and everything else in between. How either the kids or I weren’t going to survive. (This was more of a joke, but in full honesty there were days when I thought this was a possiblity.)

Last week I hit a breaking point. After one particularly terrible night which ended in tears for everyone involved, I finally became aware of the negative dialogue I was having with myself everyday. I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw. I had turned into a mother who wasn’t enjoying her kids. I wasn’t finding joy in the little things that happened everyday, instead I was focusing on all the terrible things that became so much bigger because that was all I allowed myself to see.

I can’t thank God enough for opening my eyes to what was going on. Since Monday of this week I have ended each day with a list of the small victories that we have had. These range from a morning without arguing before school to accomplishing a task that my husband usually takes care of. In just two days of doing this there has already been a turn around in attitudes for everyone in the house. The kids and I are laughing more. Hugging more.

I’m not wearing rose colored glasses. I know that there may be days when it’s hard to find even one small victory to celebrate, but I will find it. I think it is important to find it. And I encourage all of you to do the same. Start today, before you go to bed post on Facebook, Twitter, or write in a journal at least one small victory from your day. It’s my hope that by the time my husband is reunited with the rest of our family we will all have a more positive outlook and be in a much better position to overcome whatever obstacles may face us in the next four years as we are thousands of miles away from our loved ones.




  1. I’ve been stalking your FB posts already but wanted to comment here too and let you know that I LOVE seeing your victories. You’ve got this… just like everything else thrown in your path. LOVE YOU!
    Shelley Oz´s last blog post ..For what it’s worth Friday – Do your Best

  2. I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be for you being away from your husband for so long. My husband and I work together as a team and so my life would be thrown into a shambles if we had to do something like what you are doing.
    Alexis´s last blog post ..The Easter Dilemma

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