Back to School with Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web from Walmart Family Mobile


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Like most families across the country, we are gearing up for back to school. A supply that may not be on the list, but is a necessity for your kids is mobile phone. If this will be your child’s first phone, chances are you don’t want to spend a lot of money, so finding the cheapest wireless plans is important.

Walmart @FamilyMobile can fit the bill. They have plans starting at just $24.88/mo and offer a great selection of phones and plans that fit your budget and needs.

walmart family mobile, lowest priced unlimited plans

Since we just moved across county, this school year is a bit different than any we have every experienced before. With one week to go before school begins there is a bit of anxiety surrounding what is usually a time for excitement and a bit of dread, (for the kids). It’s scary to start school where you don’t know anyone and to ease that anxiety for our son we’ve been thinking of getting him a phone in order to provide him with an avenue to call or contact us if need be. So, although this trip to our local Walmart in Dunkirk was requested by #CollectiveBias, it really couldn’t have come at a better time.

What we found great about the Walmart Family Mobile plans is that you have the choice of whether you want your phone to have data capabilities. Because our son is just 9, we didn’t think that was a big necessity for him. It was more important that he be able to talk and text, not go online or play games. At just $24.88 for an unlimited talk/text plan you really can’t go wrong and you get the full use of the T-Mobile network. Of course, if you want to add data it’s just $15 more a month and that is for unlimited data, (some restrictions).

walmart family mobile

The Sparq II is going to be great for our son. It features a large screen that is easy to see and also has a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. It’s our thought that in addition to having access to my husband and I, our son will also have the numbers family back in Oregon. His grandparents just recently started texted and it will be a wonderful way for all of them to stay in touch. Plus, I have to admit that my son is not a big talker. Hopefully texting will also be a way to keep the lines of communication open. It will also be integral once he starts sports again at the end of this month. Our youngest daughter also plays and inevitably their practices/games will be on the same evenings. With a phone handy our son will able to call us when he is ready to be picked up or if he needs anything.

walmart family mobile

So, whether you have a child starting a new school, a middle schooler, high schooler, or college student, Walmart Family Mobile is definitely worth checking out if you want to provide them with great service and phones that won’t break the bank.

This year, our son will have his new phone in his backpack in addition to his folders, pencils, and pens. Hopefully it will ease his anxiety and ours.

walmart family mobile, back to school


  1. This sounds like the perfect item to add to that back to school list. Not only can it be a necessity but it’s affordable as well!
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    Back to School with Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web from Walmart Family Mobile

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    Back to School with Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web from Walmart Family Mobile

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