Tina Kelley Oregon BloggerDuring her first bout of mom-mentia, (dementia of mom,) Tina Kelley realized this life of motherhood was making her go a little mental. It was that revelation that led her to create her blog “Mad Hatter Mom”.

Tina has worked with brands such as Kmart, Jockey, Walmart, Orville Redenbacher, Hershey and more.

She enjoys working with brands who bring a little sanity to her life whether it’s by entertaining her kids or giving her a place to relax after they have gone to bed, after all, we’re all a little crazy here in motherhood. 🙂

She brings a relatable and often comedic flair when speaking about a brand or product which makes it enjoyable for the reader while at the same time sharing what worked/didn’t work for her. It’s this writing style that has helped grow Mad Hatter Mom to become one of the most influential blogs in Portland.

Tina lives in the Willamette Valley with her airman husband and 2 young children, whom she stays at home with all day, every day. (Insert crazy here.) When she is able to get away, she works part time as a 9-1-1 dispatcher which is cathartic because it reminds her how crazy other people are.

Born and raised near the Oregon Coast, Tina blames the rain for making her “squishy” as she’s gotten older. She is currently working on wringing herself out by partaking in her new favorite pass time, running. Surprised? So was she! Especially since she never believed she would willingly run for more than a few hundred yards, at least not without an axe wielding zombie chasing her.

Tina often dreams of being a pro golfer, but it’s that whole needing to play more than once a year that gets in her way. Instead she lives vicariously through her children’s athletic exploits and since they are 6 and 4 years old, that involves watching kids pick their nose in the outfield during t-ball games.

Commiserate with Tina on her quest for sanity on Twitter @MadHatterMom.