The Three Angels of Atlanta

In the Christian faith we believe that angels are everywhere. This is my account of the angels I encountered during a recent trip to Atlanta, GA to attend a conference.

While the conference was spectacular, this story actually begins the day I was to fly home.

I woke up at 2am with a severe upset stomach. As the hours dragged on it got progressively worse and I knew that there was no way I was going to make my 10:00am flight home. Thankfully I was able to secure a later flight. The night manager of the Westin Buckhead was wonderful and granted me an extended late check out without any additional charges. By 7am I was alone in my room, my roommate having left to head to the airport and fly home to her family, to say I was envious is an understatement. As 9:30am rolled around I was continuing to go downhill and my husband convinced me it was time to head to urgent care.

This is where the first of my Atlanta Angels comes into the story.

angel time

photo credit: artchild via flickr

After a couple of hours I was able to make my way downstairs to the motor lobby. My plan was to take the courtesy shuttle to the closest urgent care, of course the shuttle was not available. The valet asked if I wanted a taxi and knowing I had no choice, I said yes. I can only imagine how I looked or sounded because the valet looked at me and kindly asked if I was alright. Not having slept, I immediately broke down and said no, I needed to get to the doctor. He walked me to a nearby chair, had me sit down and left to buzz the taxi. It didn’t take long for the taxi to arrive, but during the wait the valet didn’t go far, he even offered to get me some water or call someone for me.

My taxi arrived, and with it my second Atlanta Angel.
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When Camel Toe Happens to Good People

So, after a bloody long bit of a hiatus at the gym, I’m headed back this week.

As I’ve vented a bit in the Mamavation FB Group I have put on a little weight since my last campaign. I, by no means, am happy with this and it’s what’s really driving me back to the gym.

Since it’s been a while and my body has changed a bit I thought I would go through and try on a few pieces of my workout gear just to make sure they were comfortable. Nothing worse than being uncomfortable while working out, am I right?

So, I put on one of my favorite pair of Nike running pants, they are my favorite because they have a drawstring which prevents them from riding down while I’m running along. They still felt pretty good, a little snug around the waist but not uncomfortable.

Then I looked in the mirror. HOLY CAMEL-TOE BATMAN!

Not quite the look I want to be sporting when I walk into my all women gym.
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The Hardest Day of the Year

Three years.

That’s how long it’s been since my miscarriage story began. I’ve gotten stronger in those 1,096 days. My marriage is stronger and the love I have for my kids is even stronger.

That doesn’t mean that today is going to hurt any less. Quite the contrary I believe.

For the last week my mind has been living in this time 3 years ago when I said goodbye to my 3rd child. There are still many unanswered questions for me. Would we have had another rambunctious boy? Or maybe another sweet, drama inducing girl. 🙂

Thankfully, I have moved passed blaming myself for what happened. There was so much going on at that time that I thought for sure that it was a punishment for my behavior. My reconfirmed belief through it all knows that that is not the way my God operates. My God doesn’t punish, my God loves and is there to pick up the pieces when we shatter.

And pick them up He has. This last year has been amazing for us. I started a new business and although it’s not making millions of dollars, I’m doing something I love and am passionate about. My younger kids have grown so much and have so many new accomplishments under their belts. My older girls, although I didn’t give birth to them, I couldn’t be more proud of the women they are becoming. My middle daughter is thriving as she lives in California, she’s spread her wings and is embracing a new life away from us. (She’ll be here tomorrow for a vist and I can’t wait.) Probably the biggest change though is in my oldest daughter, who became a mother in June.

my grandbabyThat’s right, *gulp*, I’m a grandmother.

I would be lying if I said it wasn’t hard when I first learned she was pregnant. It was also hard when she gave birth. And for about 2.1 seconds it was even hard that first time I held my grand-daughter. I think it will always be difficult for me to hold a new baby and not think about my own. But with my grand-daughter, I look at her and I see all of the wonderful things she is going to bring to my daughters life.

Somehow I’m finding comfort in the fact that although I was unable to have a happy ending, I’ll get to see my daughter have hers.

So yes, today is the hardest day of the year for me, it will always be.

I will make it through though, it will be with tears shed and an aching in my chest that dulls with the passing days, but I will make it through.

How could I not?